Saturday, October 24, 2020 – Antiques & Ice Cream Auction

Antiques & Ice Cream Auction

LOCATION: Enck’s Banquet & Conference Center – 1461 Lancaster Road (Route 72),

Manheim, PA 17545 – Lancaster County

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Starting Time: 8:00 AM

(Inspection Auction Day Only 7:00 AM)

*Five (5) Abner Zook Folk Art 3-Dimensional Dioramas*

*Wurlitzer Coin-Op Upright Juke Box*

*Large Collection of Ice Cream Scoops*

*Ice Cream Memorabilia*


*20th Century Redware Pottery*

*Antiques*Advertising Signs & Trays*


Fresh To The Market Selling For The Mary E. Schubert Estate, Camp Hill, PA

The Schubert’s Purchased These Dioramas Directly From The Zooks!!

Abner Zook Womelsdorf, PA October 1987 3-Dimensional Diorama Snow Scene – Foreground (Two (2) Horses w/ Dog Along Side Pulling A Bob Sled Sleigh w/ Sixteen (16) People Riding Through A Red Covered Bridge w/ Six (6) Skaters On Ice While Four (4) People Encircle Fire), Background (Grist Mill w/ Water Wheel, School House, Farmstead w/ Trees & Country Side) – Overall Dimensions 26″ x 48″


Abner Zook Newmanstown, PA 2000 3-Dimensional Diorama Pine Hollow Stoltzfus Sawmill Scene – Foreground (Two (2) Horses Pulling A Log Onto A Sawmill & Three (3) Gents Sawing A Log w/ Horse Pulling A Two (2) Wheel Cart w/ Gent Loading Lumber Onto It), Background (Three (3) Story Mill w/ Waterfalls & Stream w/ Trees) – Overall Dimensions 21″ x 36″


Unusual Abner Zook Womelsdorf, PA 1986 3-Dimensional Diorama Water Pump Scene –  Foreground (Lady & Gent At Water Pump & Trough, House w/ Porch & Barn), Background (Sunset & Countryside), Other Portion Having Clock Inserted – Overall Dimensions 19″ x 31″


Abner Zook Womelsdorf, PA February 1983 3-Dimensional Diorama Summer Wheat Harvesting Scene – Foreground (Four (4) Horses Pulling A McCormick Deering Binder w/ Driver, While Two (2) Gents Gather & Stack Wheat Shocks), Background (Farmstead w/ Split Rail Fence & Rolling Countryside) – Overall Dimension 16″ x 25″


Aaron Zook 9″ Circular 3-Dimensional Diorama Summer Mill Scene w/ Stream, Trees & Flowers 



Coins/Currency: Strasburg National $10.00 Note, Silver Certificates, Hawaii Red Seal Notes, Other Red Seal Notes, Proof Sets, Silver Peace Dollars, Silver Ben Franklin & Kennedy Half Dollars, Silver Quarters & Dimes, Jefferson Nickels


Vintage Wurlitzer Coin-Operated Upright Juke Box, Crosley Select-O-Matic Counter Top Coin-Operated Juke Box

















Ice Cream Related Items: A Large Variated Ice Cream Scoop Collection, Icypi Sandwich Scoops, Gilchrest & Hamilton Beach Scoops, Meadow Gold Ice Cream Advertising Trays (Traill & Cooling’s Ice Cream, Sons Of Summertime, Galliker’s, DeLaval Cream Separators Tip Tray), Chocolate Molds, Copper Dipper, Ice Cream Store Syrup Dispensers, Vintage Milk Shake Makers, Glass Sundae & Divided Pedestal Dishes, Silverplate Sundae Holders, Glass Milk Shake & Sundae Containers, Super Orange Soda Tin, Glass Butter Churns, Metal Safe-T Cones & Cups Stand, Cardboard Ice Cream Boxes, Cardboard Icy Pi Advertising, Luscious Sundaes Sealtest Ice Cream Advertising, Gardner Half Minute Freezer, Minute-Man Fre-Zee-Zee Miniature Hand Crank Ice Cream Freezer, J. Hungerford Smith True Fruit Ice Cream Menu, Thompson’s Malted Milk Container, Assorted Glass Straw Containers, Milk & Cream Bottles, Cream Top Spoons, Wooden & Cardboard Advertising Boxes, Vintage Drink Coca-Cola Straw Box, Casco Two (2) Quart Vacuum Ice Cream Freezer, Cast Metal Wall Mount Coffee Grinder, Polar Ice & Service Ice Picks & Bill Holder, Universal, Yankee, Arctic, Ice Shavers 



























































Antiques: Metal Kapco Kid Fertilizer Sign, Willard Battery Sign, Gargoyle Mobil Oil Flanged Porcelain Sign, Sico Signs, Advertising Trays (Pabst Blue Ribbon, Yuengling & Son, Coca-Cola)Stoneware Ice Water Cooler, Various Stoneware Crocks & Jugs, Bale Handle & Lidded Storage Vessels, Redware Pie Plates, Bennington Turks Head, Agate & Granite Ware, Tea Pots, Bale Handled Berry Lidded Kettle, Funnels, Dippers, Spittoon, Tin Milk Pails, Tin Coffee Pot & Handled Pails, Sieves & Handled Pitchers, Wire Egg Basket, Galvanized (Chicken Waterers, Feeders, Sprinkling Cans), Cast Iron Handled Kettles, Copper Coffee & Tea Pots, Carmel Popcorn Kettle, Horlicks Malted Milk Jars, Child’s Nursery Rhyme Plate, Drink Hires Rootbeer Mugs, Cast Indian Book Ends, Wooden Turned Lidded Saffron, Table Top Coffee Grinder, Wooden Country Store String Holder, Store Paper Holder, Cast Metal Meat Cleavers, Broad Axe, Metal Ice Tongs, Brass Blow Torches, Hand School Bell, Early Wooden Cooking Thermometers, I Want You & Careless Talk Posters, Vintage Auto Hubcaps, Painted Miniature Chest Of Drawers, Softwood Fourteen (14) Drawer Spice Cabinet, Oak Three (3) Drawer Slide-Out Cabinet, Wooden & Stoneware Butter Churns, Graduated Stacking Pantry Boxes, Flax Walking Wheel, Wire Wheel Newspaper Delivery Cart, Barks Pull Type Engine, Howe Country Store Scales, Wooden Game Wheels, Child’s Games, Wooden Wheel Barrow, Wooden Double Ox Yoke, String Of Sleigh Bells, Wooden Tubs & Barrels & Handled Buckets, Wooden Firkins National Washboards, Oak Wall Telephones, Slaw Board, Wooden Tool Carrier, Wooden Schock Oil Company Advertising, Wooden Advertising Ammunition & Food Boxes, Child’s Walnut Blanket Chest w/ Till & Turned Feet (John L. Shelley Manheim, PA), Metal Milk Can, Milk Pails, Twelve Hole Candle Mold, Finger Kerosene Lamps, Lightening Rods, B & O, PRR, Dressel Railroad Lamps, Children’s Books, Photo Albums, Andrew Wyeth, Lionel, Roy Roger’s, Books, Gumball Dispenser On Stand, Cream Top Milk Bottles w/ Carrier, Coca-Cola Bottles w/ Wooden Carrier, Assorted Tin Litho Banks, Marx Junior Dial Typewriter Toy, Mr. Peanut & Planter Peanut Items, Tobacco Tins, Bottle Openers, Sleeve & Flat Irons, Pony & Baby Mount Joy Food Grinders, Prospecpity Cane, Assorted Post Cards, Vintage Fold Out Valentines, Beaded Indian Items, Ladies Head Planters, Animal & Figural Covered Pieces, Cracker Jars, The Botanic Gardens Dinner Set, Germany Bisque Jointed Doll, Collection of Vintage Barbie Dolls,  Beyer Caroler Figures, Redware Picture Plates, Ironstone Teapot, Majolica Pitcher, Small Electrical Kitchen Appliances, Electric Roasters, Wittco Mfg Rolling Hot Tote Food Warmer (Model 700 HS), Club Aluminum Cookware, Roger Bros. Flatware Set, Mixing Bowls, Bakeware, Kitchen Utensils, Assortment of DVDs & CDs

Fiestaware: Approximately Two Hundred Forty Five (245) Pieces, Three (3) Tier Tidbit Trays, Lidded Canister Jars, Large Console Serving Bowl, Nest of Seven (7) Graduated Mixing Bowls, Lidded Casserole Handled Dishes, Large & Medium Handled Pitchers, Handled Coffee Pot, Varied Handled Teapots, Gravy Boat, Pairs of Candle Holders, Large Handled Water Pitchers, Sugar & Creamer w/ Undertray, Sets of Various Juice Tumblers, Nesting Set of Three (3) Lidded Refrigerator Dishes, Large Drinking Tumblers, Pairs of Salt & Pepper Shakers, Lidded Condiment, Vase, Serving Bowl w/ Spoon, Large Dinner Serving Plates, Large Serving Plates, Bread & Butter Plates, Salad Plates, Cups & Saucers, Cereal & Soup Bowls, Double Handled Bowls, Egg Cups, Pair Candleholders























20th Century Redware Pottery: Becky Mummert 20th Century Redware (“Lady Oakley Plate”,  ABC House Platter), Unglazed Pumpkin Ornaments, Chick-A-Dee Bird Figure (Ray & Sandra Keeney)

Breininger: Halloween Pumpkin Double Handle Plate (One Of A Kind L.B.), 1986-2007 Various Assortment Easter Eggs, 2005 Full Bodied Sitting Rabbit, 2001 “Happy Easter” Rabbit & Floral Plate, Ornaments (Ghosts, Tree), 1995 Ornaments (Pumpkin, Tree), 2004 Floral Eggs, 1997 Various Assortment Eggs (Pretzel, Floral, Leaf, Animal), 2007 Bird Emerging From Egg, Various Eggs (Rose Slip, Breininger, Lady Bug), 2008 Full Bodied Sitting Rabbit w/ Flowers, 1998 Small Full Bodied Reclining Rabbit, 2006 Full Bodied Manganese Sitting Rabbit, 1999 Full Bodied Sitting Rabbit, 2005 #3 Rabbit w/ Egg Emerging From Egg, 2004 Easter Egg Tree Plate, #2 “Happy Easter” Rabbit Plate, #1 Easter Rabbit & Egg Tree Plate, 2005 “Happy Easter” Egg Plate, 2005 Chick & Rabbit & Egg Plate, 1999 Three (3) Chick Plate, 1997 Rabbit & Easter Egg Basket Plate, 1983 Rabbit & Floral Plate, 1997-2005 Plates (Owl, Floral, Star, Leaves), 2003 Spider Web Bat & Pumpkin Plate, Miniature 25th Porch Show Plates (Dots, Star), 1995 & 1999 Jack-O-Lantern & Scarecrow Plates, 1998 “Happy New Year”, 1993 Bird & Floral Plate, 1996 Bowl, 1987 House Plate, 1998 Octagon Tulip Plate, 1984 Potted Tulip & Floral Plate, 1993 #10 Tree Flask, 2003 Full Bodied Hollow Halloween Black Cat, 1999 Turkey Plate, 1993 Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin Plate, 1996 Ghost & Pumpkin Plate, 2007 “Happy Halloween” Black Cat & Moon, 2003 #5 Brown Glaze Shaker, 2003 Ghost & Pumpkin Plate, 1999 Werewolf Plate, #3 Octagon Father Christmas & Holly Plate, 2005 Large Black Egg, 2008 Tulip Pouring Handled Pitcher, Miniature Crocks & Handled Crocks, Handled Easter Egg Basket, 1999 Mug & Handled Pitcher, 1991 Small Decorated Crock, 1996 Small Handled Cream Pitcher, 1995 Tulip Shaving Bowl, 1994 #5 Liberty Bell & Tulip Bowl, 1982 Small Handled Cream Pitchers, 1998 Small Dotted & Floral Bowl, 1999 #3 Tulip Bowl, 1997 Chick Emerging From Egg, 2003 #1 Oval Star Platter, 2005 Squiggle Lines Floral Robesonia Plates, 1988 Cat & Polka Dot Plate, Octagon Tulip 40th Year Breininger Plate, 2003 Octagon Floral Plate, 1991 Greg Zeiber Double Pierced Wall Floral Cut-Out Covered Urn, 2008 “Merry Christmas” Tree Plate, Dotted & Floral Eggs, Assortment of Tree Ornaments (Nolde Forest, Breininger, Foltz)

Nolde Forest: #2 Reclining Rabbit & Tulips, Blue Glaze Rope Handle Basket 3/3, 2015 Easter Duck Pulling A Cart w/ Miniature Easter Egg, 2015 Small Full Bodied Sitting Rabbit, 2002 Full Bodied Sitting Rabbit, 2011 Small Full Bodied Sitting Rabbit w/ Basket, 2011 Small Full Bodied Standing Rabbit w/ Basket, 2011 Three (3) Small Chicks, 2014 “Happy Easter” Tulip Plate, 2002 Rabbit Emerging From Egg Ornament, 2014 #7 “Happy Easter” Plate, 2014 St. Patrick’s Day Plate, 2015 Full Bodied Snow Man 4/8, #3 Black Scared Cat Plate, 1997 #1 This Design Floral Plate, 2011 #1 Hand Pierced Heart Vase 5/25, 2011 #2 Halloween Light, 2001 Floral Handled Pouring Pitcher, 2004 Green Glaze Rope Handle Basket, 2010 Miniature Santa Clauses, Bird, 1995 #2 Charming Forge Mansion Plate, 2000 #13 Snow Man Plate, 2002 Sitting Full Bodied Rabbit w/ Easter Basket, 2001 Full Bodied Rabbit w/ Basket of Flowers 2/28, 2001 Full Bodied Rabbit w/ Small Rabbit 2/28, 1993 Potted Floral Pot


Heisey Glass/Mary Gregory Glass: Large Punch Bowl w/ Cups & Undertray, Pink Metal Handle Bucket, Pink Ladles, Pink Desert Dishes, Pink Syrup, Pink Sugar & Creamer, Cruet, Toothpick Holder, Salt & Pepper Shakers, Bon Bon Compote, Spooners, Tumblers, Center Console Bowl, Footed Bon Bon Compotes, Cornucopia Candleholders, Ice Cream Sundae Dishes, Handled Pitcher & Tumblers, Handled Milk Pitcher, Lidded Condiment Jar, Green Relish Dish, Divided Dishes, Bowls, Compotes, Heisey Glass Throw Blanket, Mary Gregory Glass (Two (2) Lidded Steins, Hand Bell, Tumbler, Lidded Sugar)



Carvings & Etchings: Cyrus Wittle Mount Joy PA (Running Antelope, Chickens, Horse, Horse w/ Colts By Side, Duck Decoy, Golfer, Wooden Carved Interior Horse, Chicken, Indian & Horse Scenes), Approximately Fifty (50) Clear Glass Etchings (Polar Bear, Mountain Sheep, Cowboy Riding Horse, Tiger, Bible, Birds)






Paintings/Prints: Watercolor Artist Painting (Reading, PA), Jane Runyeon “Wyoming On The River”, Contemporary Oil on Canvas Painting, “Spirit of Christmas” 733/950 T.F. Hermansader Print, Framed Victorian Cards Greatest Moments of Girl’s Life, Currier & Ives Print, Framed Victorian Prints, Various Assortment Of Framed Wallace Nutting Prints, T.F. Hermansader Prints, Nancy Landis Print “Washington & Mount Vernon”




















Furniture: Large Two (2) Piece Oak Mirror Back Lighted Marble Top Back Bar, Softwood One (1) Piece Corner Cupboard w/ Fluted Corners & Bracket Feet, Softwood Two (2) Part Step-Back Cupboard w/ Cornice, Modern Two (2) Piece Cherry Hutch, Modern Corner Cupboard w/ Dental Molding & Fluted Cornice, Oak Curved Glass China Closet, Deco Bedroom Suite, Provincial Dresser w/ Mirror & High Chest Of Drawers, Provincial Dressing Table w/ Mirror, Modern Cherry High Case Of Drawers & Dresser, Empire Chest Of Drawers, Mahogany High Case Of Drawers w/ Claw Feet, Two (2) Piece Oak Double Sliding Door Display Cabinets, Country Store Counter Top Display Cabinet, One (1) Drawer Stands, One (1) Door Hanging Cupboard, Empire Wash Stand, Various Softwood Painted Blanket Chests w/ Bracket & Turned Feet, Cherry Sofa Table, Victorian Marble Top Parlor Table, Several Marble Top & Wrought Iron Base Stands, Wooden Wagon Wheel Coffee Table, Pairs Of Metal Heart & Bent Ice Cream Chairs (Some Arm Chairs), Mahogany Curio Shelf, Mahogany Bookshelf, Wooden Bale Handle Chest, Mahogany Drop-Leaf Hall Table, Mahogany Tier Stand, Maple Dresser w/Mirror, Maple Chest of Drawers, Maple Nite Stands, Circular Marble Top Parlor Table, Carved Rosewood Side Chair, Baker’s Cabinet Table, Leather Arm Chair, Pair Plank Seat Chairs, Upholstered Recliner, Oak Coat Rack, Chrome Kitchen Stool, Oval Braided Rug, Oriental Throw Rug, Electric Fireplace, Pair Of Wharfdale Retro Speakers, Bamboo Stand, Many Other Items

Equipment/Tools: Wooden Carpenter’s Tool Box

More Information To Be Added!


Note:  The Above Information Provided Is Believed To Be Accurate But Not Guaranteed!

A 10% Buyer’s Premium Will Be Applied To All Purchases!


Auction Conducted By:


Terms and Conditions: of Witman Auctioneers Inc. Each item for sale is sold AS-IS and WHERE IS with no guarantee whatsoever, and all sales are final.  We have made every attempt to describe each item as accurately as possible; however, although we do not believe so, there may be inaccuracies.  We expect all buyers to inspect each item personally and make their own judgment before bidding takes place.  Everything sold “AS IS, WHERE IS”, NO WARRANTIES, NO GUARANTEES.  Announcements by auctioneers take precedence over printed matter.  Buyer agrees, upon registration to bid to the terms and conditions of this auction. Terms:  Cash, Checks w/Bank Letter of Credit or Prior Approval from Auction Firm. ****Bank Letter of Guarantee Form**** (The following text is suggested, and should be on the Bank’s letterhead.)   Date: ________ Our bank, (bank’s name), irrevocably will guarantee any checks written to Witman Auctioneers Inc. for the purchase of items at the (name of particular auction) auction on (date of auction), by (you or your company name) from account number (fill in number) up to the total amount of (fill in $$ amount).   Sincerely, (Signature) (Bank officer’s name and title)   Most Credit Cards Accepted. A 15% Buyer’s Fee Will Apply to All Purchases – (Discounted to a 10% Buyer’s Fee for Cash or Approved Check!)

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