Monday, November 9, 2020 – Online Only Auction – 363 Lots

Estate Collection Nutcrackers, Toys, Dolls, Tools, Equipment, Furniture, Gun Related Items, Ammo, Reloading Supplies, and Antiques

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Auction Ends Monday, 7:00pm November 9, 2020 –

Pick-up of items is available as well as shipping.

To arrange Pick-up in Manheim, contact the office 717-665-5735.

Note: This Is a Nice Clean Line of Estate Items. All Items Being Sold to Highest Bidder, No Reserves.


Lot 1: Steinbach S1840 King Cole Nutcracker (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 2: Steinbach S1848 Herr Toad (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 3: Steinbach S894 Moses (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 4: Steinbach S1811 Solomon (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 5: Steinbach S1839 Genie (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 6: Steinbach S1848 Herr Toad (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 7: Steinbach S896 Scrooge (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 8: Steinbach S1849 Herr Ratty (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 9: Steinbach S851 White Rabbit (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 10: Steinbach Nutcracker S892 Sherriff Of Nottingham (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 11: Steinbach Nutcracker S856 Marek Guardsman (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 12: Steinbach Nutcracker S893 Noah & The Ark (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 13: Steinbach Nutcracker S1832 Night Watchman (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 14: Steinbach Nutcracker S860 Tchaikovsky’s Clara (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 15: Steinbach Nutcracker Chief Sitting Bull (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 16: Steinbach Nutcracker S1810 Joseph (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 17: Steinbach Nutcracker 5900 King Wenceslaus (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 18: Steinbach Nutcracker S1838 Thief Of Bagdad (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 19: Steinbach Nutcracker S1000 Jubilee King (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 20: Steinbach Nutcracker S889 Blackhawk (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 21: Steinbach Nutcracker S902 Phantom Of The Opera (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 23: Steinbach Nutcracker S1845 Jester (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 24: Steinbach Nutcracker S1812 Jonah (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 25: Steinbach Nutcracker Chief Red Cloud (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 26: Steinbach Nutcracker S1836 Italian Santa (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 27: Steinbach Nutcracker S1846 Alice In Wonderland (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 28: Steinbach Nutcracker S858 Mad Hatter (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 29: Steinbach Nutcracker S854 Toy Soldier (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 30: Steinbach Nutcracker S1844 Tchaikovsky (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 31: Steinbach Nutcracker S854 Toy Soldier – Not Signed (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 32: Steinbach Nutcracker S1833 Treasurer (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 33: Steinbach Nutcracker S835 Mouse King (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 34: Steinbach Nutcracker S1824 Royal Cook (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 35: Steinbach Nutcracker S1831 Captain Guido Swiss General – Has Broken Stand Up Stave Made In Germany

Lot 36: Steinbach Nutcracker S857 Humpty Dumpty (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 37 Steinbach Nutcracker S897 King Richard (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 38: Steinbach Nutcracker S1817 Ghost Spirit (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 39: Steinbach Nutcracker S1819 Marley’s Ghost (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 40: Steinbach Nutcracker S1820 Bob Cratchit & Tim (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 41: Steinbach Nutcracker S1804 Indoor Scrooge – Missing One Hand Made In Germany

Lot 42: Steinbach Nutcracker S1898 Ghost Of Christmas Past (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 43: Steinbach Nutcracker S863 Robin Hood (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 44: Steinbach Nutcracker S1825 Maid Marian (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 45: Steinbach Nutcracker S1826 Captain Hook (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 46: Steinbach Nutcracker S1816 Peter Pan (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 47: Steinbach Nutcracker S1818 Crocodile (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 48: Steinbach Nutcracker S890 Friar Tuck (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 49: Steinbach Nutcracker S1806 Dorothy (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 50: Steinbach Nutcracker S961 Scarecrow (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 51: Steinbach Nutcracker S960 Tin Man (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 52: Steinbach Nutcracker S1805 Cowardly Lion (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 53: Steinbach Nutcracker S1808 Wizard Of Oz (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 54 Steinbach Nutcracker S1807 Wicked Witch (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 55: Steinbach Nutcracker S68 Big Dudelsackpfeifer – Not Hand Signed (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 56: Steinbach Nutcracker S5684 Nussknacker Globetrotter – Not Hand Signed (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 57: Steinbach Nutcracker S729 Piccolo Schafer Nussknacker – Not Hand Signed (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 58: Steinbach Nutcracker German Lady – Not Hand Signed (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 59: Steinbach Nutcracker S830 Incense Merlin (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 60: Steinbach Nutcracker S681 Sherlock Holmes – Not Hand Signed (NIB) Made In Germany

Lot 61: Steinbach Nutcracker Woodsman – Not Hand Signed Made In Germany

Lot 62: Expertic Nutcracker Soldier Erzgebirge GDR

Lot 63: Expertic Nutcracker Soldier Erzgebirge GDR

Lot 64: Expertic Nutcracker Soldier GDR

Lot 65: Steinbach Nutcracker Charter Collectors Club Kit w/ Pin & Book – Signed

Lot 66: Steinbach Nutcracker Three (3) Wiseman Taron Collection – Signed

Lot 67: Steinbach Nutcracker Bavarian Club Kit w/ Pin – Not Signed

Lot 68: Steinbach Nutcracker w/ Pin – Not Signed

Lot 69: Steinbach Nutcracker Mini Puppet Pay Kit w/ Pin – Not Signed

Lot 70: Steinbach Nutcracker Mini Minstrel Club Kit w/ Pin – Not Signed

Lot 71: Steinbach Nutcracker w/ Pin – Not Signed

Lot 72: Steinbach Nutcracker Chimney Sweep w/ Pin – Not Signed

Lot 73: Steinbach Nutcracker w/ Pin – Not Signed

Lot 74: Steinbach Nutcracker w/ Pin – Not Signed

Lot 75: Steinbach Nutcracker Mini Kite Flyer – Not Signed

Lot 76: Steinbach Nutcracker – Not Signed

Lot 77: Steinbach Nutcracker Sir Galahad – Signed

Lot 78: Steinbach Nutcracker Mouse King – Signed

Lot 79: Steinbach Nutcracker Sir Lancelot – Signed

Lot 80: Steinbach Nutcracker Merlin The Magician – Not Signed

Lot 81: Steinbach Nutcracker King Arthur Of Camelot – Signed

Lot 82: Like New – Amana High Efficiency Washer- Used Less Than Six (6) Times

Lot 83: Like New – Amana Dryer- Used Less Than Six (6) Times

Lot 84: G.E. Electric Front Load Fryer w/ Stand

Lot 85: Panasonic Stainless Steel Microwave – Like New Three (3) Months Old

Lot 86: 6′ Oak Bookshelf w/ Tower Doors

Lot 87: Painted 2-Part Kitchen Cabinet – 6′ Height

Lot 88: Blonde Retro Dresser

Lot 89: Nichols & Stone Co. Gardner Mass. Painted Server

Lot 90: Set Of Four (4) Chairs w/ Seat Pads

Lot 91: Upholstered Arm Chair

Lot 92: Five (5) Gallon Stoneware Crock – Good Condition

Lot 93: Two (2) Lights – Brass M&W 92, Brass Bureau Lamp Fluid Lamp

Lot 94: Craftsman M140 160cc Honda Motor Push Mower – Less Than One (1) Year Old

Lot 95: Werner 6′ Fiberglass Stepladder

Lot 96: Shop Vac – Six (6) Gallon Ultra Plus w/ Hoses, Attachments, Filter, & Manual

Lot 97: Ryobi Drill w/ Charger & Firestorm Drill

Lot 98: Ext. Cord

Lot 99: Queen Ann Foot Cherry Server

Lot 100: Queen Ann Foot Cherry Dining Table w/ Two (2) Ext Boards & Table Pads

Lot 101: Six (6) Queen Ann Dining Room Chairs – Two (2) Arm Chairs, Four (4) Side Chairs

Lot 102: Cherry Drawer Wall Table w/ Two (2) Utensil Drawers

Lot 103: Cherry Two (2) Part Lighted Hutch w/ Glass Shelves – 6′ Height & 5′ Long

Lot 104: Pair Of Cherry End Tables w/ Single Drawer

Lot 105: Oval Cherry Coffee Table

Lot 106: Cherry Tea Table w/ Two (2) Slide Pull-Outs

Lot 107: Matching Pair Of Stieffel Style Living Room Lamps

Lot 108: Framed “Treasures Of Historic Lancaster” Poster 205/500 3′ x 3′ Norman Briniger

Lot 109: Red Paint Bench w/ Braces

Lot 110: Red Paint Bench w/ Braces

Lot 111: Mid Century Two (2) Drawer Console Cabinet

Lot 112: Modern/Deco Style China Server Cabinet (Lighted, Two (2) Piece, 7′ Height)

Lot 113: Modern/Deco Style Server w/ Silverware Tray

Lot 114: Set Of Four (4) Hoop Back Spindle Chairs

Lot 115: Circular Table w/ Chrome Base

Lot 116: Approx. 7′ x 10′ Fruit & Leaf Pattern Area Rug

Lot 117: Cushman Mortised Leg Stool & Large Wooden Stool

Lot 118: Maple Spindle Back Rocker

Lot 119: Lane Upholstered Overstuffed Claw & Ball Feet Recliner

Lot 120: Modern One (1) Drawer & Door Cabinet

Lot 121: Hunter The Stratford II w/ Remote Ceiling Fan – New

Lot 122: Wooden Art Easel

Lot 123: Wooden Step

Lot 124: Wooden One (1) Door Pedestal

Lot 125: Sony Flat Screen TV w/ Remote, Window Antenna

Lot 126: Tote w/ Assorted Light Bulbs

Lot 127: Monogram Mattel & Guillow’s Model Kits

Lot 128: Globe, Action Figure, M&M Figure, Telephone – 4-Pcs.

Lot 129: Golf Gilt Beveled Mirror

Lot 130: Modern Wooden Machinist Chest

Lot 131: “Enjoy My Own Beverages” Wooden Box

Lot 132: Lord Of Arms Dart Board

Lot 133: Wooden Box Of Thirteen (13) Glass Insulators

Lot 134: Three (3) String Guitar w/ Case

Lot 135: Castalla Six (6) String Guitar w/ Case

Lot 136: Six (6) String Guitar w/ Case

Lot 137: Wire Milk Crate, Pennant Malted Milk Biscuits Tin – No Lid

Lot 138: Four (4) Wire Top Jars, One (1) Other Jar

Lot 139: Two (2) Deitz Little Wizard Barn Lanterns w/ Red Globes

Lot 140: Toastmaster Broiler Oven

Lot 141: Coolers, Thermos, Can Coozies

Lot 142: Two (2) Igloo Playmate Coolers, Drinking Glasses, Cocktail Shaker

Lot 143: Train & Gun Glass Drinking Set, Retro Magazine Holder

Lot 144: Two (2) Boxes Of Avon Bottles (Many Full), Including Three (3) Twenty Paces Set

Lot 145: Early Footstool, Girl Scout Canteen Set

Lot 146: Thorens Swiss Walnut Music Jewelry Box

Lot 147: Two (2) Wood Horse Cut-Outs

Lot 148: Wood Lidded Picnic Basket, Samsonite Tri-Pod

Lot 149: Halloween Motion Activated Witch

Lot 150: Hamilton Collection The Entertainer Porcelain Doll – Kay McKee

Lot 151: Hamilton Collection The Dreamer Porcelain Doll – Kay McKee

Lot 152: Susan Walker Collection Doll – Joey

Lot 153: Susan Walker Collection Doll – Hansel

Lot 154: Susan Walker Collection Doll – Gretel

Lot 155: Susan Walker Collection Doll – Joy

Lot 156: Danbury Mint – Vivian Doll

Lot 157: Treasures Of Yesteryear Lady Anne Doll

Lot 158: Pauline’s Limited Edition Doll

Lot 159: Prestige Collection Doll -Lara

Lot 160: Gallery Collection By Effanbee

Lot 161: Maryse Nicole Doll

Lot 162: Prestige Collection Doll – Marsha

Lot 163: Franklin Heirloom Doll

Lot 164: Ashton-Drake Collection Doll

Lot 165: Angel & Street Lamp – Both Lighted

Lot 166: Hawthorne Village 3 Pcs. – Sweetheart Cottage, Ye Old Mill Baker, Kitchen Café

Lot 167: Three (3) Madame Alexander Dolls – Snow White, Cinderella

Lot 168: Four (4) Madame Alexander Dolls

Lot 169: Four (4) Madame Alexander Dolls

Lot 170: Four (4) Madame Alexander Dolls

Lot 171: Four (4) Madame Alexander Dolls

Lot 172: Four (4) Madame Alexander Dolls

Lot 173: Four (4) Madame Alexander Dolls

Lot 174: Three (3) Madame Alexander – Effanbee Dolls

Lot 175: Five (5) Madame Alexander Dolls

Lot 176: Six (6) Madame Alexander Dolls

Lot 177: Wood Bench w/ Heart Cut-Outs

Lot 178: Pennsylvania House One (1) Drawer Cherry Table

Lot 179: Two (2) White Painted Wood Rocks

Lot 180: Concrete Bird Bath

Lot 181: Rolling Butcher Block Island

Lot 182: Three (3) Beer Signs & Pictures – Jack Daniels, Amstel Light, Lowenbrau Munich

Lot 183: Denon Model #DRA-750 Receiver – Working Order

Lot 184: Toro Outdoor Lighting Kit

Lot 185: Blue Paint Wooden Tool Carrier

Lot 186: Metal & Plastic Stool Lot

Lot 187: Black & Decker Workmate Table

Lot 188: Two (2) Extension Cords

Lot 189: Two (2) Extension Cords

Lot 190: Drop Cord Light, Four (4) Door Handles & Locks

Lot 191: Tune-Up Meter, Portable Air Compressor, Air Filter

Lot 192: Hoover Upright Wind Tunnel Sweeper

Lot 193: Provenge Rolling Back Pack

Lot 194: Craftsman Electric Hedge Trimmer w/ Extra Blade, Torch w/ Tank

Lot 195: Galvanized Bucket, Gas Can, Aluminum Scoop

Lot 196: Four (4) Hand & Mitre Saws – Stanley, Craftsman, Disston

Lot 197: Hand Brace, Bale Hook, Limb Saw

Lot 198: Misc. Brass Fittings, Nossles

Lot 199: Three (3) Sets John Deere Mower Blades – New

Lot 200: Electrical Lot

Lot 201: Tote w/ Assorted Light Bulbs

Lot 202: Plastic Tool Box w/ Assorted Tools

Lot 203: Metal Too Box w/ Assorted Tools

Lot 204: Metal Tool Box w/ Drill Bits

Lot 205: Misc. Tools

Lot 206: Dayton Electric Motor w/ Wire Brush, Craftsman Electric Drill, Copper Coil

Lot 207: Bolts, Nails, Hooks

Lot 208: Misc. Nails, Screw, Nuts

Lot 209: Wooden Sieve, Hearing Protection, Garden Trimmers

Lot 210: Assorted Saw Blades, Wire Brushes

Lot 211: Misc. Hand Tools, Torque Wrench

Lot 212: Locking Lid Tote, Galvanized Bucket, Scoop, Wooden Bowls

Lot 213: Plastic Tote, Wooden Bowl, Flower Planter, Stained Glass Angel, Ornaments, Napkin Rings

Lot 214: Children Story Books, Girl & Brownie Scouts Book

Lot 215: Cutlery Set, Beverage & Glass Bottles, Pillsbury Cookie Jar

Lot 216: Two (2) Decanters, Bottle Capper, Wine Bottle Opener, Wooden Shoes

Lot 217: Assortment Of Various Gun Books

Lot 218: The Complete Guide To Hand Loading By Philip Sharp & Misc. Gun Books

Lot 219: Misc. Gun Books

Lot 220: Large Metal Military Ammunition Box

Lot 221: Three (3) Large Brass M-14 105MM Shells

Lot 222: Lyman Eazy Reloader

Lot 223: RCBS Trim Pro Trimmer

Lot 224: RCBS II Chucker Reloading Press

Lot 225: Redding Shot Filler

Lot 226: RCBS Jr II Reloading Press

Lot 227: RCBS Uniflow Shot Refiller

Lot 228: Reloading Lot

Lot 229: Reloading Lot

Lot 230: Partial Filled Smokeless Powder Lot – Twenty (20) Containers

Lot 231: Caldwell Gun Rest Lot 232: Midway Shooter’s Vise

Lot 233: Mtm Casegard Shooter’s Table

Lot 234: Lee Loader Reloading Tools Lot – Shotgun

Lot 235: RCBS Die Set 8MM x 5.7 Mauser

Lot 236: RCBS Die Set 300 Savage

Lot 237: RCBS Die Set 375 HH Mag

Lot 238: Redding Die Set 223 Remington

Lot 239: RCBS Die Set 357

Lot 240: RCBS Die Set 357 Mag SWC

Lot 241: RCBS Die Set 38 Special

Lot 242: RCBS Die Set 41 Mag

Lot 243: RCBS Die Set 30-06

Lot 244: RCBS Die Set 270 Win.

Lot 245: RCBS Die Set 270 Win.

Lot 246: RCBS: Die Set 35 Rem.

Lot 247: Lee Fachry Die Set 35 Rem. 

Lot 248: RCBS Neck Sizer Die 270 Win.

Lot 249: Wilson Die 270 Win.

Lot 250: Forster Die Bench Rest Die 25.06 Rem.

Lot 251: Sites, Rings, Springs Lot

Lot 252: Redding Scale, Soldering Lot

Lot 253: Plastic Ammunition Cases Lot – (25)

Lot 254: Alcan Shotgun Wads, Neets Foot  Oil, Steel Wool

Lot 255: CCI Primers, Federal Primers Lot

Lot 256: Craftsman & Coleman Battery Lights

Lot 257: Grouping Of Bullets – (3)

Lot 258: Grouping Of Bullets – (3)

Lot 259: Grouping Of Bullets – (3)

Lot 260: Grouping Of Bullets – (4)

Lot 261: Hornady Critical Defense Ammo. 30 Carbine

Lot 262: Fifty (50) Rounds 38 Special Ammo.

Lot 263: Misc. Of Brass, Partial Bullets Lot

Lot 264: Berrys MFG Boxes Of Bullets

Lot 265: Brownells Screw Assortment Sets – (2)

Lot 266: Shotgun Shells, Brass, Precision Bullets Lot

Lot 267: Precision Cast Bullets & Cartridge Cases – (3)

Lot 268: .38 Cal. Hornady Bullets – (5)

Lot 269: Three (3) Boxes Of Bullets – (3)

Lot 270: Boxes Of .45 & .41 Bullets – (4) 

Lot 271: Partial & Full Boxes Of Bullets – (11)

Lot 272: Boxes Of New Empty Brass .45 Colt, .41 Mag, .45, .357, ACP Lot – (5)

Lot 273: Boxes Of New Empty Brass Lot .38 Special – (3)

Lot 274: Spent Brass Lot – (Approx. Twelve (12) Containers)

Lot 275: 9MM, .38 Cal. Bullets – (2)

Lot 276: Bullets, Black Powder, New Brass, Spent Brass

Lot Lot 277: Scope Covers, Wooden Pistol Grip, Butt Covers Lot

Lot 278: Plastic Ammo. Containers – (16)

Lot 279: Holster, Pistol, Shotgun Bag Lot

Lot 280: Five (5) Leather Belt Holsters

Lot 281: Seven (7) Leather Holsters

Lot 282: Seven (7) Holsters Lot 283: Six (6) Holsters

Lot 284: Plastic Hard Case Pistol Carrying Case

Lot 285: Vintage Leather Shotgun Carrying Case

Lot 286: Wooden Dovetailed Carrying Case

Lot 287: Three And One Half (3-1/5) Bags Of Bullets

Lot 288: Smokeless Powder, Primers Lot

Lot 289: .38 Special Bullet Heads, Cartridge Cases, Hand Gun Powder Lot

Lot 290: Gun Cleaning Supplies, U.S. Compass Lot

Lot 291: Vintage U.S. Soft Gun Bags

Lot 292: Wooden Pistol Grips, Leather Holster, Duck Call Lot

Lot 293: Shooting Glasses w/ Cases Lot

Lot 294: Hand Gun & Pistol Grips, Butt Stocks Lot

Lot 295: Scope Rings, Revolver Cylinder, Victor Animal Foot Trap, Lee Prime Loaders, Misc. Lot

Lot 296: Miniature Victor Foot Trap Key Chain

Lot 297: Miniature Victor Foot Trap Key Chain

Lot 298: Brass Scale Weights

Lot 299: Misc. Ammunition Lot

Lot 300: Military Ammo. Belt, Digital Scale Lot

Lot 301: Lead & Melter Pot

Lot 302: Two (2) Ariduk General Fibre St. Louis Mo. Decoys w/ Weights

Lot 303: Wood Plane, Galvanized Bucket 

Lot 304: Galvanized Ten (10) Gallon Trash Can

Lot 305: Two (2) Rotary Telephones, One (1) Extra Receiver

Lot 306: Wooden Heart Cut-Out Bench

Lot 307: Martha Stewart 11′ x 13′ Everyday Garden Canopy

Lot 308: Santa Fe 8′ x 10′ Cabin Tent

Lot 309: Parlac Powdered Whole Milk Wooden Tin Lined Advertising Drum

Lot 310: Nine (9) Large Plastic Totes w/ Lids

Lot 311: Child’s Wooden Art Easel

Lot 312: Wooden Milk Crate, Wooden Advertising Box Lot

Lot 313: Metal U.S. Military Army Gas Can

Lot 314: Three (3) Snow Shovels, Push Broom Lot – 4 Pcs.

Lot 315: Craftsman Axe, Army Spade Lot – 2 Pcs. 

Lot 316: Two (2) Picks, Potato Fork Lot – 3 Pcs.

Lot 317: Black & Decker Electric Edge Hog Edger

Lot 318: Garden Rake, Hoe, Fork, Shovel Lot – 4 Pcs.

Lot 319: Ariens 6 Hp. Snow Blower w/ Chains

Lot 320: Craftsman Splitting Axe Lot 321: 6′ Digging Iron

Lot 322: Four (4) Long Handled Tools (Scrapers, Edger)

Lot 323: Three (3) Long Handled Tools (Barn Shovel, Shovel, Scraper)

Lot 324: Hinges, Handles, Masonry Tools

Lot 325: Screwdrivers, Nut Drivers

Lot 326: Misc. Hand Tools

Lot 327: Table Vice, Pipe Wrench, Walking Wheel Lot – Electrical Wire & Boxes

Lot 328: Baseball Books

Lot 329: Tennis & Badminton Racquets – 10 Total

Lot 330: Four (4) Golf Club Drivers – Nike, Callaway, Taylor Made, Affinity

Lot 331: Four (4) Golf Club Drivers – Cougar Power Cat, Callaway Big Brother, Two (2) Callaway Big Bertha War Bird

Lot 332: Four (4) Golf Club Drivers – Two (2) Cobra King Viper, Zoid, Tommy Armour

Lot 333: Three (3) Golf Club Driver & Socks – Forged Tec Plus, Callaway Big Bertha War Bird, Sonartec

Lot 334: Six (6) Golf Club Driver Wood – Four (4) Ping, Two (2) Arnold Palmer

Lot 335: Five (5) Golf Club Driver Wood – One (1) Hogan, Four (4) McGregor

Lot 336: Gulf Club Set & Bag

Lot 337: Kitchen Appliances – Mr. Coffee Maker, Sunbeam Blender, Rival Crock Pot

Lot 338: Ironstone Pitcher, Autumn Leaf Hall, Tea Set

Lot 339: Glassware Lot – Basket, Heisey Relish, Fostoria Relish

Lot 340: Fireking Mixing Bowl, Banded Yellow Ware Bowl, Green Oven Bake Bowl

Lot 341: Partial Dinner Service Set – Holly Holiday Pattern, Holiday Hostess

Lot 342: Partial Dinner Service Set – 32 Pcs.

Lot 343: Misc. Cups & Saucers, Plates

Lot 344: Misc. Silverplate Trays, Squirrel Figure Lot

Lot 345: Glass Cake Stand, Lead Crystal Ice Bucket, Candle Holder, Two (2) Stein Glasses (Possibly Waterford)

Lot 346: Zook Hex Sign, Mantel Clock, Bowls, Dishes

Lot 347: Cranberry Rossi Glass, Brandy Sniffer, Lemonade Pitcher

Lot 348: Slate Signs, Baseballs

Lot 349: Two (2) Hummel Goebel Plates, Two (2) Bells

Lot 350: 2003 Longaberger Double Handled Basket

Lot 351: Longaberger Bowl, Four (4) Easter Cookie Molds

Lot 352: Two (2) St. Nick Longaberger Cookie Mold

Lot 353: Oriental Plates, Cups, Saucers, Suke Set

Lot 354: Four (4) Oriental Framed Pictures

Lot 355: Three (3) Oriental Framed Silk & Tapestry

Lot 356: Two (2) Oriental Framed Pictures

Lot 357: Two (2) Oriental Framed Pictures

Lot 358: Four (4) Oriental Framed Silks

Lot 359: Three (3) Oriental Framed Prints

Lot 360: Oriental Hanging Scroll

Lot 361: Three (3) Framed Prints & Pictures

Lot 362: Lot Of Pictures & Frames

Lot 363: Two (2) Throws/Blankets, Two (2) Mats, Mossy Oak Seat Cushion

Auction Terms & Conditions 10% Buyer’s Premium added to final bid price. All items are located at 664 Fruitville Pike, Manheim, PA 17545. Cash, check, or credit card payments (5% additional fee) will be accepted prior to removal, or invoices can be paid via credit card before pick-up by calling Witman Auctioneers, Inc. at 717-665-5735. Please be sure of what you are buying. Witman Auctioneers, Inc. is not responsible for misinformation or inaccurate descriptions. Everything selling AS-IS. Bring your own boxes and packing material. Bring your own help to move furniture and load items.


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