Saturday, August 12, 2017 – Foltz Antique Pottery & Wood Carvings Auction

Ned & Gwen Foltz’s Personal Pottery Auction





Saturday, August 12, 2017

Start:  10:00 AM

Location:  225 North Peartown Road, Reinholds, PA 17569 – (On-Site at Ned & Gwen’s Shop – Lancaster County)

Directions:  (See or for directions from your home!)



Painting: Hattie Brunner “Country Sale” (Painted in Reinholds, PA in 1968), Reverse Painting on Glass of Black Horse Hotel (By John Long Reinholds, Pennsylvania), Reverse Painting on Glass (By John Long Reinholds, Pennsylvania in 1970s)



Baskets: Very Rare Rye Straw Basket w/ Lid, Rye Straw Basket w/ Unusual Shape (Possibly Made at Ephrata Cloister), Pennsylvania Round Oak Basket, Hand Split Oak Basket (By Lucy Cook Luray, Virginia – Purchased by Ned & Gwen in 1970s), Berks County Hand Split Oak Basket (In 1980s)



Wrought Iron/Tin: Pair of 18th Century Ram’s Horns Hinges (From Ned’s Daughter’s Great-Grandfather’s Barn), Pair of Paul Revere Style Tin Lanterns, Small Tin Running Rabbit (By Ivan Barnett in 1984)











Wood Carvings: Luke Gottshall Three-Horse Carving in Fence (Reinholds, Pennsylvania), Small Wood House w/ Walter Gottshall Carved Bird on Roof (Made for Christmas Display), Fish Carving (By Walter Gottshall in 1993), Wood Carving on Wheels (By Hallock Folk Art Riverhead, New York in 1980s), Small Bird Tree (By Dan Strauser in 1973), Small Bird Tree (By John Carlton in 1980s), Bird Tree (By John Carlton in 1987), Bird Tree (By Frank Bauman in 1993), 4-Prong Hay Fork (1980s), 3-Prong Hay Fork (1980s), Menno Shirk Painted House (1987), Menno Shirk Carving (1987), Menno Shirk Wood Rooster (1987), Menno Shirk Hen w/ Chicks (In Churchtown, Pennsylvania in 1984), Menno Shirk Squirrel (In 1996 – Near the End of Menno’s Animals), Tramp Art Carving (By Ian Strauser, Jr. in 1983), Wood Carved Cat (By John Carlton in 1986), Hand Carved Cat (By G.G. Hasfield, Pennsylvania in 1981), Hand Carved Cat (G.G. Hasfield-Style, Pennsylvania – Unsigned), Small Green House w/ Carved Bird on Top (In Maryland), Wood Carved Santa (1980s), Wood Trencher (Purchased at a Sale in Lancaster County in 1960s), Pair of Pigs (By Dan Strauser, 1980 – One Has Chip on Ear), Saffron Cup (By Shupp Denver, Pennsylvania in 1950s-1960s), Saffron Cup (By Shupp Denver, Pennsylvania in 1951), Saffron Cup (By Shupp Denver, Pennsylvania in 1950s), Egg Cup (By Shupp Denver, Pennsylvania in 1950s), Papier Mache Duck (Made by Animal Trap Company in Lititz, PA in 1940s)




















Red Ware/Pottery/: Pennsylvania Red Ware Crock (Made in Lancaster County – Shows Much Wear), Red Ware Bread Baking Dish (Made in Berks County for Berks Heim in 19th Century), Pair of Red Glazed Cups (Made in North Carolina in 1940s), Schofield Vase (Very Rare & Unusual Decoration), Red Ware Bread Baking Bowl (Made Near Fritztown, Berks County for Berks Heim in 19th Century), Red Ware Crock (Early Shape, 19th Century), Hand Molded Pie Plate (Made in Lancaster County in 19th Century – Shows Much Wear), Red Ware Flower Pot (Early 19th Century), Hand Turned Pie Dish (Made in 19th Century, Used by Ned’s Grandmother Until 1940s), Henry Schofield Vase w/ Manganese Glaze (1930s), Red Ware Crock (Early Shape, Early 19th Century), Henry Schofield Baking Dish (Made in Lancaster County in 1920s), Red Ware Crock (Early Shape), Small Red Ware Jelly Crock (Made in Lancaster County in 19th Century), Four-Part Chocolate Egg Mold (Early 20th Century), Hand Molded Primitive Lion (By Wilford Dean, North Carolina), Russell Henry Pottery Plate (Made in Birdsboro, PA 1977), Red Ware Crock (Made in Lancaster County, 19th Century), Wild Boar Stoneware (By Roger Corn, North Carolina), Inkwell (From Snow Hill Cloister, Pennsylvania – Part of Ephrata Cloister), Red Ware Crock w/ Manganese Glaze (Late 19th Century), Hand Turned Red Ware Pitcher (By Chester Hewell Gillsville, GA in 1960), Stoneware Snake Jug w/ Grapes (By Maureen Schooner Hallsville, Ohio in 1987), Henry Schofield Handled Red Ware Crock (Unglazed Outside, Made in Lancaster County in 1930s), Swirl Face Jug Stand (By Southern Folk Potter Burlon Craig in North Caroline – Ned & Gwen Purchased from Burlon in Late 1960s), Pair of Sponge Plates (By Richardson Kentucky Pottery – Oldest Continually Running Pottery in U.S.), Bybee Pottery Sponge Plate (By Richardson Kentucky Pottery in 1970s), Baking Dish (By Seagrove Pottery Seagrove, North Carolina – Purchased from Dorothy Auman), Flower Pot w/ Green and Blue Glaze (By J.S. Stahl in 1938), Small Stahl-Style Pie Plate (Unsigned, Shows Much Wear), Swirl Bean Pot (By Burlon Craig Vale, North Carolina in 1960s), Russell Henry Mug (Made in Birdsboro, PA in 1970s), Hand Turned Pitcher (By Dorothy Auman Seagrove Pottery, North Carolina in 1950s), Piece by Seagrove Pottery (Purchased in 1970s), Jug Candleholder w/ Blue Glaze (By Cole Pottery, North Carolina in 1950s), Bowl (By Westmore Pottery, North Carolina in 1970s), Stahl Crock w/ Green Glaze (Made by Thomas Stahl in 1937), Jugtown Pottery Bowl (Made by Jugtown Pottery, North Carolina in 1940s), Bird House w/ Blue Glaze (By Cole Pottery, North Carolina – Purchase by Ned & Gwen at the Pottery in 1970s), Pair of Pottery Bowls (By J.S. Stahl, Nov. 3, 1939), Small Pottery Crock (By J.S. Stahl in Berks County in 1939), Stahl-Style Pie Plate (Berks County in 1939, Unsigned), Bybee Pottery Mug w/ Brown Glaze, Pitcher w/ Blue Glaze (By Cole Pottery, Purchased by Ned & Gwen at the Pottery in 1970s), Small Pennsylvania Red Ware Baking Dish w/ Early Glaze (19th Century), Stahl Pottery Piece (By Thomas Stahl in 1939), Face Jug (By Billie Meaders North Carolina in 1998), German Stoneware Pot (Stamped 1950s), German Stoneware Crock w/ Beautiful Decoration (1950s), Henry Schofield Small Jug (1930s), Hand Turned Pig (By Marie Rogers, Georgia), Face Jug (By Nathaniel Hewell Gillsville, GA – Purchased by Ned & Gwen at Hewell Pottery in 1980s), Candleholder (By Cole Pottery North Carolina – Purchased by Ned & Gwen at Cole Pottery in 1970s), Vase (By Cole Pottery – Purchased from Grace Cole by Ned & Gwen in Seagrove, North Carolina in 1985), Mug (By Holly Hill Pottery Seagrove, North Carolina in 1995), Very Rare Cup and Saucer w/ Red Glaze (By Cole Pottery North Carolina in 1970s), Pennsylvania Hand Turned Mixing Bowl (Early 19th Century), Henry Schofield Unglazed Wood Fired Piece w/ Stamp Decoration (In Pennsylvania in 1930s), Edward Meaders Rooster (In Georgia – Purchased by Ned & Gwen from Edward in 1980s), Pennsylvania Red Ware Spittoon w/ Manganese Glaze Decoration (Late 1800s), Unglazed Red Ware Spittoon (Rare – Made to Hold, in 1800s), Jugtown Turned and Hand Shaped Plate (By Jugtown Pottery North Carolina, in Early 20th Century), Green Snake Jug (By Burlon Craig – Purchased from Burlon by Ned & Gwen in 1980s), Jugtown Bean Pot w/ Early Glaze and Form (By Jugtown Pottery, Purchased at the Pottery in 1960s), Henry Schofield Small Bean Pot w/ Lid (Early 1930s), Set of Four (4) Small Pennsylvania Red Ware Pie Plates Hand Turned and Wood Fired, Henry Schofield Bean Pot w/ Lid (1930s), Candle Mold Filled w/ Bees Wax (By Ned’s Great-Grandfather in Lititz, PA in 19th Century), Bybee Pottery Blue Mug (By Richardson Kentucky Pottery – Purchased at the Pottery by Ned & Gwen in 1980s), Henry Schofield Small Pitcher w/ Stamp Decoration (1930s), Wood Fired Green Pitcher (By Thomas Stahl, Berks County in 1940), Henry Schofield Unglazed Wood Fired Jug w/ Stamp Decoration, Henry Schofield Wood Fired Cup (Early 1920s), Mug w/ Wood Cut Design (By Russell Henry Birdsboro, PA in 1975), Henry Schofield Wood Fired Cup (Early 1920s), Face Jug (By Marie Rogers North Carolina in 1970s), Very Rare Slip Cup (By Russell Stahl Powder Valley, Pennsylvania in 1948), Small Crock w/ Rare Blue Glaze (By Russell Stahl), Very Rare Red Ware Ant Trap (Schofield-Style in Early 1900s), Hand Turned Early Flower Pot (Made in Pennsylvania), Very Early German Baking Dish w/ Green Lead Glaze, Large Hand Turned Jar w/ Manganese Glaze (18th Century), Small Hand Turned Jar (18th Century), Very Early Unglazed Pennsylvania Flower Pot w/ Early Form (Shows Much Wear), Unsigned Flower Pot (Stahl-Style Powder Valley, Pennsylvania), Crock w/ Blue Glaze (By J.S. Stahl Powder Valley, Pennsylvania in 1940), Chalice w/ Green Glaze (By Russell Stahl Powder Valley, Pennsylvania in 1952), Unglazed Piece w/ Painted Surface (By Meninger Pottery Montgomery County, Pennsylvania in Early 1900s), Pennsylvania Jelly Crock w/ Glazed Inside (Early 19th Century – Shows Much Wear), Wood Fired Small Pitcher (By Thomas Stahl Powder Valley, Pennsylvania Signed 1941), Log House Bird House (By Friend of Ned & Gwen in Maryland in 1980s), Red Clay Wall Planter (1940s), Six (6) 18th Century Roof Tiles (From House in Denver, Pennsylvania), Three (3) 18th Century Red Clay Roof Tiles (From Smoke House in Denver, Pennsylvania), Three (3) 18th Century Red Clay Roof Tiles (From Smoke House in Denver, Pennsylvania), Blue Cobalt Decorated 19th Century Stoneware Jug, 19th Century Stoneware Jug, Bird Whistle (By J.C. Segraves Berks County in 1980s), And Other Items


10% Buyer’s Premium Applied To All Purchases 


Auction For:

Ned & Gwen Foltz


Auction Conducted By:


Terms and Conditions: of Witman Auctioneers Inc. Each item for sale is sold AS-IS and WHERE IS with no guarantee whatsoever, and all sales are final.  We have made every attempt to describe each item as accurately as possible; however, although we do not believe so, there may be inaccuracies.  We expect all buyers to inspect each item personally and make their own judgment before bidding takes place.  Everything sold “AS IS, WHERE IS”, NO WARRANTIES, NO GUARANTEES.  Announcements by auctioneers take precedence over printed matter.  Buyer agrees, upon registration to bid to the terms and conditions of this auction. Terms:  Cash, Checks w/Bank Letter of Credit or Prior Approval from Auction Firm. ****Bank Letter of Guarantee Form**** (The following text is suggested, and should be on the Bank’s letterhead.)   Date: ________ Our bank, (bank’s name), irrevocably will guarantee any checks written to Witman Auctioneers Inc. for the purchase of items at the (name of particular auction) auction on (date of auction), by (you or your company name) from account number (fill in number) up to the total amount of (fill in $$ amount).   Sincerely, (Signature) (Bank officer’s name and title)   Most Credit Cards Accepted. A 5% Convenience Fee Will Apply to All Purchases – (Discounted to a 0% Convenience Fee for Cash or Approved Check!)

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