Saturday, August 24, 2019 – Ned & The Late Gwen Foltz Folk Art, Southern Pottery, & Carvings

Ned and the Late Gwen Foltz’s Personal Collection Auction

*Folk Art*Wood Carvings*

*Redware & Southern & Face Pottery*



LOCATION:  225 North Peartown Road, Reinholds, PA 17569 – (On-Site at Foltz’s Redware Shop – Lancaster County)

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Start: 9:00 AM







Paintings/Prints/Artwork: 1973 Hattie Brunner Signed Print (31 x 23), 1992 F. Bauman Original Oil Painting On Canvas Board “Hunting Man And Dog” (24 x 19), Original F. Bauman Painting On Canvas, 1991 F. Bauman Water Color On Paper (20 x17), Shirley Bradley Original Water Color On Paper (25 1/2 x 19 1/2), Newswanger Print (23 x 18), Newswanger Print (Central Market 100th Anniversary 1989), 1979 ERC Reverse Painting On Glass (8 x 10), Fraktur Painting Marked KC (9 1/2 x 12), Claudia Hoff Paper Cut (6 1/2 x 9), Marie Gottshall Painting On Paper (4 x 4) – (Tulips, Cat, Bee Hive), Marie Gottshall Painting On Paper Santa & Animal Friends (5 1/2 x 10), Marie Gottshall Painting On Paper Cat & Two (2) Pigs & Crow (9 1/2 x 6), David Gottshall Reverse Painting On Glass (13 x 17), Alice McEachern Amish Man Print (21 x 17), Wood Angel Picture Frame, Gottshall 1989 Cat In Framed Box, Painting On Board Santa & Deer (34 x 11), 


Baskets: Lucy Cook Split Oak Baskets (Luray, VA), Very Early Two (2) Handled Rye Straw Sewing Basket, Messen Round Oak Splint Basket (Schoeneck, PA)




























Carvings/Wood Art: 1800’s Decorated Butter Paddle, 1994 Four (4) Crows On Stumps, Dan Strawser Jr. Tramp Art (1999 Turkey, 2009 Cross & Christ), Cooset Sitting Cook Woman, Bird On Swing, G. Hasfield 1981 Carved Snake, Flat Painted Wood Sheep (Name On Back Is Illegible), Hoover 1988 Carved Santa, Hasfield 1981 Wood Snake, Dan Strawser (1990 Crow Bird Tree, 1994 Alligator, 1995 Turtle, 2011 Alligator, Pine Cone Wall Box), Carlton (1986 Black Bird Tree, 1990 Small Bird Tree, 1991 Large Cow, 1986 White Santa, 1989 Cats In A Basket, Seven (7) Black Birds Tree), Gottshall Lidded Jars (Two (2) Birds, 1996 Bear – FIRST BARE, Bird), Gottshall Jars (Bird, Rabbit), Gottshall (Rabbit In Egg, Heart & Birds, Wood Rabbit In Basket, 2000 Wall Bird Tree, Bird w/ Wire Feet, Rocking Rabbit, 1988 Black Dog On Rug, Rabbit In Fence, 1988 Santa, 1983 Sleigh Horse & Santa, 1977 Cat Wall Box, Standing Cut Out Cat), Walter Gottshall Sheep Carving (Sept 11 2001 A Day We Will Never Forget), Walter Gottshall (Rabbit & Egg, Rabbit In Basket, Carousel Horse, 1988 Horse, Flat Carved Yellow Santa, 1989 Standing Cat & Bird, 1982 Standing Santa), F. Bauman (1993 Crow On Apple, Four Birds On Swing, Two (2) Red Birds On A Swing, 1995 Three (3) Black Birds On Swing), Bauman (Two (2) Crows On Pumpkins, 1995 Three (3) Crows, 1994 Black Bird Tree, 1997 Sheep, Crow On Pumpkin, Four (4) Crows On A Swing, 1994 White Santa), Sawdust & Canvas Green Painted Bird, Miniature Painted Cupboard, Ohio Tile Bird House, 20th Century Paper Mache Tub (Very Good Shape), Knife & Spoon Holder, Oval Wooden Bowl, Early Butter Print Mold, Doug Shaw Acorn Design Hay Fork (Miniature, Small, Large), Timothy Strawser Tramp Art (Mirror 28 x 20, 1999 Art Box w/ Rooster) 1986 J. Lesher Oval Grained Shaker Box, Small Red Stool, Slaw Cutter, Pair Candle Holders, 1979 M.D. Rumbaugh (Santa, 1982 Santa), Joe Bear Santa, Strawser (1987 Santa, 1992 Santa w/ Some Damage), 1999 R.D. Santa, 1982 Ken Hook Santa, 1992 Bird, Dish, Dolphin, A.V. Two (2) Roosters & Flowers, Cat, Black Sheep, Caldwell 1993 Painted Egg, Heart Bowl, May 1988 Girl, Hand Carved Kitchen Utensils, Thirteen (13) Black Birds Tree, Crow 







Hooked Rugs & Soft Goods:  Stand Up Santa Rug, Penny Rug, Eight Hooked Rugs By Various Makers, Hooked Rug Rabbit, Various Hooked Rug Eggs & Baskets, Handmade Amish Pin Cushion, Late 1800’s Cardboard & Old Fabric Stars, Two (2) Handmade Amish Stars, Melissa Strawser Cloth Bird, 



Tin Ware: Early Bread Dish, Easter Greetings Chocolate Candy Mold, Cheese Strainer, Copper Candle Holder, Candle Mold, Early Handmade Strainer, Early Candle Mold, Round Candle Mold, Luden Chocolate Candy Mold (Thirty Two (32) Rabbits)














Redware: 18th Century PA Crock (Deformed In Wood Fire Firing), Early Redware Crock (Deformed In Wood Fired Kiln), Early 1800’s PA Hand Turned Crock, Early 18th Century PA Baking Dish, Chester Hewell 1980’s Tall Pitcher, Burlon Craig Hand Turned Bird House w/ Snake (Vale, NC), Soritler Pottery Baking Dish, Unsigned Stahl (Pie Plate, 1937 Bell), Hand Turned Stahl Pie Plate (1940’s, 1953 From The Firing At The Pottery – R. Stahl), I.S. Stahl (February 1942 Gravy Bowl, 1939 Fluted Pie Plate, 1938 Unglazed Flower Pot, 1939 Green Glaze Cup), Stahl (1942 Hand Turned Pie Dish, Small Green Pitcher), Henry Schofield (1930’s Small Crock, Stamped Crock), Stoneware Santa, 19th Century Hand Turned Crock w/ Handles, 1990’s Eldreth Pottery Pitcher, Jugtown Pottery (1940’s Signed By Master Potter Ben Owens, 1982 Hand Turned Pie Dish, Hand Turned Dish, 1950’s Cup & Saucer Attached), 1930’s Salt Glazed German Baking Dish, 1980’s Cooksbury Lidded Stoneware Crock, Bee Pottery Kentucky (1980’s Small Chip, 1970’s Four (4) Hand Turned Plates, 1970’s Hand Turned Dish, 1970’s Hand Turned Coffee Mug, Candle Holder), 1985 PTCW Angel Tile, 1970’s Turned Pie Dish (Seagrove, NC), B.B. Craig Vale NC (1970’s Small Cup, Lidded Pot, Blue Snake Jug, Crock w/ Lid), 1980’s Beaumont Pottery Maine Cow Salt Glaze Jug, Sgraffito Oval Dish (Spanish), 1970’s Dorothy Auman Hand Turned Pie Dish (Seagrove, NC), 2009 Jamie Ferfugan Small Southern Face Jug, Southern Pottery (1998 Hand Sculpted Rooster, Sculpted Squirrel (Cole Pottery, NC), Face Jug, 2010 Grace Hewell Face Cups – Georgia, 2001 Stanley Ferguson ), 19th Century PA Stoneware Crock, Two (2) Miniature Dough Trays, 1980’s Seagrove Pottery Miniature Cups, Crock w/ Wood Bird, Five (5) Small Pieces, Early Manganese Crock w/ Handle, Early 19th Century (Large Crock, Pa Crock w/ Handle, PA Glazed Outside Crock), 19th Century (PA Crock, Small PA Crock, PA Dark Manganese Glaze Crock, PA Glazed Crock, PA Unglazed Outside Crock), Jug

Various Quilts, Various Kiln Molds, & Other Items

SPECIAL NOTE: Ned is cleaning out his shed & trailer.  Sale starts early!  


A 10% Buyer’s Premium Will Be Applied To All Purchases!

Note:  The Above Information Provided Is Believed To Be Accurate But Not Guaranteed!

Auction For:

Ned & The Late Gwen Foltz

Auction Conducted By:

Terms and Conditions: of Witman Auctioneers Inc. Each item for sale is sold AS-IS and WHERE IS with no guarantee whatsoever, and all sales are final.  We have made every attempt to describe each item as accurately as possible; however, although we do not believe so, there may be inaccuracies.  We expect all buyers to inspect each item personally and make their own judgment before bidding takes place.  Everything sold “AS IS, WHERE IS”, NO WARRANTIES, NO GUARANTEES.  Announcements by auctioneers take precedence over printed matter.  Buyer agrees, upon registration to bid to the terms and conditions of this auction. Terms:  Cash, Checks w/Bank Letter of Credit or Prior Approval from Auction Firm. ****Bank Letter of Guarantee Form**** (The following text is suggested, and should be on the Bank’s letterhead.)   Date: ________ Our bank, (bank’s name), irrevocably will guarantee any checks written to Witman Auctioneers Inc. for the purchase of items at the (name of particular auction) auction on (date of auction), by (you or your company name) from account number (fill in number) up to the total amount of (fill in $$ amount).   Sincerely, (Signature) (Bank officer’s name and title)   Most Credit Cards Accepted. A 15% Buyer’s Fee Will Apply to All Purchases – (Discounted to a 10% Buyer’s Fee for Cash or Approved Check!)


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