Saturday, February 29, 2020 – Auction

Outstanding Public Auction

LOCATION: Enck’s Banquet & Conference Center – 1461 Lancaster Road, Manheim, PA 17545

Selling For Multiple Local Estates

*Abner & Aaron Zook 3-Dimensional Diorama & Drawings*

*Folk Art*Duck Decoys*Coins & Currency*


*Milk Bottle Collection of C. Michael (Mike) Aument of Conestoga, PA*

*Tools & Equipment*

Saturday, February 29, 2020


Starting Time: 8:00 AM

Coins, Silver, Gold, Watches, & Jewelry: 8:00 AM

Box Lots, Antiques: 8:00 AM

Milk Bottles: 8:00 AM

Zook Dioramas: 12 Noon

Furniture: 12 Noon

(Inspection Auction Day Only 7:00 AM)




Abner Zook:  Folk Art 3-Dimensional Diorama Farm Sale Scene (Overall Dimensions 47″ x 25-1/2″, Painting Dimensions 21″ x 42″ – Large 2-1/2 Story Farmhouse & Frame Bank Barn w/ Attached Implement Shed, Two Auction Groupings, Auction #1 At Barn – Auctioneer Standing On Flatbed Wagon Selling Horse w/ Colt By It’s Side w/ Another Horse In Nearby Stable w/ Bidders Looking On, Auction #2 At Farmhouse – Auctioneer Selling Quilt w/ Women Folk Looking On w/ Furniture Lined Along The Fence, “PLEASE NOTE”: The Misspellings On Farm Sale Sign, 1998 Womelsdorf, PA), Pencil Drawing “A Drive In The Shenandoah Valley” (Overall Dimensions 27″ x 47″, Drawing Dimensions 19″ x 38″, Gent Waves To Horse Drawn Carriage w/ Farmstead In Background, Early Autumn w/ Trees & Building, Abner Zook 1971 Womelsdorf, PA, Note: Framed & Matted), Pencil Drawing “School-Time” (Overall Dimensions 28-1/2″ x 43″, Drawing Dimensions 20-1/2″ x 34-1/2″, Large Schoolhouse In Foreground w/ Children Playing Ball, Swinging, On Seesaw, Mill w/ Water Wheel, Covered Bridge, Church, Nearby Village, Abner Zook December 22, 1975, Note: Framed & Matted)

Aaron Zook: Folk Art Aaron Zook 3-Dimensional Diorama 7″ Circular Spring Time Scene Depicting Mill w/ Water Wheel & Stream, Aaron Zook Folk Art 3-Dimensional Diorama 7″ Circular Summer Scene Depicting Harvesting Grain w/ Gent Loading Sheaves On A Wagon Pulled By A Pair Of Gray Work Horses w/ Farmstead In Background













Art/Folk Art/Carvings: 1997 Barbara Strawser “Noah’s Ark & Animal” Painting, Barbara Strawser Painting (Angels, Santa Claus, Snowmen On Violin Face Cover), 1977 Hattie K. Brunner “Sheep Country Scene” Postcard Print, 1981 J.F. Long “Winter Scene w/ Horse & Sleigh Ride” Reverse Painting On Glass, John Showalter Jr. (“Covered Bridge w/ Horse & Sleigh Ride” Watercolor Painting, “Amish Lady & Gent” Print), Gwen Foltz “Happy Easter” Frame Rabbit-In Basket Cut-Out, 1980 Timothy W. Strawser Heart Tramp Art Frame w/ 1961 Hattie K. Brunner “Snow Scene w/ Train” Print, Luke W. Gottshall Textile Folky Rooster Cut-Out Framed, S. Bashore Wooden Carved Pull Toy On Wheels (’84 Pig, ’89 Spotted Pig), Luke & Walter Gottshall Wooden Carving Horse & Ox Pulling A Wagon Load Of Logs (Signed In Pencil), David W. Gottshall (1992 “Public Sale” Reverse Painting On Glass, 2000 “Family w/ Children & Dog Gazebo” Reverse Painting On Glass, 1998 Wooden Carved Belsnickel w/ Whip)S.B. ’89 Bashore Wooden Carved Small Bear In Shadow Box w/ Heart Final, Shoemaker 1990 Carved Small Spotted Pig w/ Lead Stick, Timothy W. Strawser 1999 Hanging Heart Tramp Art Holder, Barbara Strawser 2002 Small Pumpkin Painted Box, 1999 Barbara Stawser Painted Angel In Daniel Strawser Tramp Art Star Frame, 1980 D. & B.S. Strawser Thirteen (13) Bird Tree, W.J.G. Gottshall Wooden Carved (’95 Rabbit Emerging From Egg, Spotted Pig Pull Toy On Wheels, ’90 Rooster, Painted Shadow Box w/ Carved Santa & Urn Finals), Gottshall Glass Storage Jars w/ Wooden Carved Lids (Duck, Chicken, Bird, Santa, Mouse, Angel), M.S. Petzer Wooden Carved Spotted Pig w/ Smaller Pig On It’s Back & Bird On Pig’s Back, Folk Art Saw Mill, Carlson Pictures, Julie Kohler Folk Art (Two (2) Folk Art Pictures, Two (2) Signed Bird Pictures), Folk Art Birds & Snake, James Nassau Carved Eagle, J. Ritter Carved Rooster, Various Carved Shore Birds (Tom Richie, Kraft, Easter Shore)

Luke W. Gottshall Wood Carvings: Pair Of Horses Pulling A Conestoga Wagon w/ Lady & Gent w/ Child & Wagon Accessories (Signed In Pencil 3-12-1899), 1981 Pair Of Horses Pulling A Bobsled Sleigh w/ Lady & Gent Loaded w/ Presents, 1986 Gent Feeding Black & White Hampshire Pigs In Barnyard, 1980 Bird On Stump, Hanging Heart w/ Horse & Pair Of Bird Finals

June & Walter Gottshall Wooden Carvings: 1995 Large Angel, 2003 Hanging Heart w/ Bird, 1987 Santa Claus In Rocking Chair (Made In Kutztown), 2004 Kerry & Bush Donkey & Elephant Pull Toy On Wheels, 1990 “How Time Flies” Black Face Sheep Jumping Over Fence, 1987 Spotted Rabbit Pulling A Cart w/ Painted Eggs, Sitting Spotted Rabbit Riding On Large Carrot Pull Toy On Wheels (March 12, 2005), 2003 Father Christmas On Stand Holding Ark & Bag, 1996 Painted Shadow Box w/ Carved Rabbits





Decoys & Carvings: Ducks Unlimited Canadian Goose, Victor Veri-Lite (Golden Eye Drake, Lititz PA Mallard), Pintail Drake, Parker Bluebill Drake, Bluebill Black Ducks, Twelve (12) Johnson’s Folding Goose Decoys, Lititz Trap Company (Crows, Owl), Rare Walter Sellers 1950 Cork Mallard Drake, John H. Clark 2001 & 2002 Black Duck & Canvasback Hen, H.V. Shourds 1972 Quail, Gable – (1987 White Swan, Canvasbacks Drakes, Ruddy Duck Drakes, Green Wing Teal Drake, Bufflehead Drake, Mallard Drake, Blue Wing Teal Hen, 1988 Blue Wing Teal Drake, 1987 Blue Wing Teal Drake, 1986 Wood Duck Drake), Hutch – (1985 & 1986 Mallard Drake & Hen, 1984 & 1985 Bufflehead Drake & Hen, 1984 Red Head Drake), R. L. Brineman Elizabethtown PA – (1986 Hollow Pintail Drake, 1982 Hooded Merganser, 1984 Black Capped Chickadee, 1985 Egret), Al Reist – (1981 Wood Duck Drake, 1981 Brant Goose, 1981 White Swan – Painted by Gable)Gable Cork Body Canada Goose, Sam Barnes Canvasback Drake, W.E.K. Quail, Animal Trap Bluebill Drake, Lititz Trap Canvasback (Hen, Drake), “Ariduk” Black Ducks, Russel Moore “Columbia PA” Drake, Canvasback Cork Body Drake, Susquehanna River Mallard Drake, J.C. Higgins Drake Mallard, “White” Blue Wing Teal, Painted Duck Decoys








Coins/Currency: Three (3) 2-1/2 Gold Pcs. (1908, 1914, 1928), 70 Silver Dollars, 2019 Peace Eagles, Peace Dollars (1922 – 1923), 1804 Half Cent, 3-Cent Pieces, Flying Eagles, 1878 Silver Trade Dollar, 1909-1950s Lincoln Cents, Wheat Pennies, Steel Pennies, Indian Head Pennies, Buffalo Nickels, V-Nickels, Jefferson Nickels, Barber & Standing Liberty & Washington Silver Quarters, Kennedy & Franklin Silver Halves, Silver Dimes (Barber, Mercury, Roosevelt), Eisenhower Proof Dollars, Silver Standing Liberty Half Dollars, Silver Dollar Constitution Coin, Washington Silver Piece, Gerald Ford Sterling 10mm, Mint & Proof Sets, One Dollar ($1.00) Silver Certificate, Five Dollar ($5.00) Red Seal, Franklin Mint Silver Presidential Mini-Coin Set, Sterling Commemorative Coins, Foreign Coins & Currency, Landmark Tokens, Wooden Nickels, Transit Tokens, Mt. Joy Trolley Tokens







































Antiques: Pennsylvania Railroad Lantern, Marx Pinocchio “The Acrobat” Key-Wind Rocking Toy (1939 Walt Disney), Noritake “Homage” China Set, 1932 Bishop’s Studio Calendar (Elizabethtown, PA), Hamilton Men’s Wrist Watch, Pocket Watches (Elgin, New Haven, Waterbury, South Bend, New Era Locomotive), 10 Carat & 14 Carat Ladies Rings, Sterling Silver Rings, Local Milk Bottles (A.B. Earhart Manheim Quart, Hertzler’s Dairy Elizabethtown Quart, Rohrer’s Dairy Med-O-Farm Quart, Meadow-Wood Dairy Lebanon Quart, Walnut Level Dairy Manheim Quart, Spruce Villa Dairy Lititz Quart, Red Rose Dairy Mount Joy Quart, Highland Dairy Lititz Pint, Cloverleaf Dairy Manheim Pint, Graybill’s Dairy Lititz Pint, Mumper’s Dairy Half Pint, Valley View Dairy Half pint, Cloverleaf Dairy Half Pint), Earhart’s Quart Ice Cream Container, Showalter’s Buttermilk Cone Container, Earhart’s Dairy Manheim Matchbook, Walnut Level Dairy Milk Box, Albert Bonson Columbia Bottle, Meerschaum Pipe, Fireman’s Hat, London Hearing Horn, Tin Lithograph (Bank, Train), G.F. Trout Landisville Paper Roller, Framed Silhouettes, PA Resident Fishing Licenses (1940, 1943, 1947, 1950, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1956, 1975), Bone Handle Cane, Enamel Tea Pots, Edison Advertising News Salesman Paper, Dietz Lantern, Cowden & Wilcox (Two (2) Gallon Stoneware Jug w/ Floral Slip Decoration, Three (3) Gallon Stoneware Crock w/ Floral Slip & Ear Handles, Crock, Stoneware), E.S. & B. New Brighton PA (Three (3) Gallon Ear Handle Crock, Four (4) Gallon Stoneware Jug), L.B. ’88 Lester Breininger Redware Eggs, F.H. Cowden Three (3) Gallon Stoneware Jug, Tin (Berry Pails, Colanders, Pitchers), Brass (Bowl Ladles, Spoon, Dipper, Skimmer), Antique Cookie Cutters, Redware (Crocks, Jug), Gray Agate Coffee Pot, Scotts Emulsion Cod Liver Oil Bottle, Glass Butter Churn, Stoneware Chicken Waterers, Green Glass Wicker Covered Bottle, Forty Eight (48) Star Flag, 1966 Manheim Bicycle License Plate, PA Metal Hunting Licenses (1936, 1937, 1938, 1940), Leaded Shade Lamp, West Hempfield Maps (Mountville, Hempfield Township), Hall Custard Cups, Tobacco Sizing Box, Radio Flyer Wagon, American Beauty Wagon, Flex Racer, Child’s Wicker Doll Strollers, American Roller Bearing Coaster Wagon, Red Racer Wagon, Cloverdale Wooden Crate, J.E.B. “73” Treenware Cup, Schlitz Beer Signs, Miller Beer Sign, Woolson Spice Co’s Lion Coffee Bin, Painted Child’s Rocker, Child’s Stenciled Rocker, Child’s Wooden Sled, Fisher-Price Children’s Toys, Wooden Baseball Bats, Antique High Chair, Color Lithograph No 461 Fisher Price Duck & Wagon Pull Toy On Wheels, Cut Glass, Amish Figurines, Butter Mold, Comb Set, Penny Rugs, Vintage Marbles, Pewter Dishes, Leaded Table Lite, Pair Brass Lanterns, Rug Runner, Globes, Ironstone Tea Leaf China Pieces, Costume Jewelry, Mirror, Lamps, Torpedo Run Game, Raikes Bears, Country Ware Tray, Copper Tea Kettle, Large Jade Type Carved Horn, Large Fancy Frame, Fur Vest, Mink Coat, Souvenir Glasses, Stamps, Hummel Doll, Battery Operated Lamps, Occupational Shaving Mugs, Finger Light, Decorated Box, Hanging Double Light, Sizable Collection Of Christopher Radko Tree Ornaments & Shiny Brite Bubble Lights, Collection Of Resin Boyds Bear Tree Ornaments, Vintage Christmas Ornaments, Eleven (11) Piece Marie Osmond Tree Ornament Collection, Stool, Panasonic Sound Bar, Heater








Furniture: Hitchcock Queen Anne Dining Room Suite, Camel Back Sofa, Oak Bowfront China Cabinet, Cherry Two (2) Part Corner Cupboard (Broken Arch Pediment, Two (2) Upper Pane Doors, Central Drawer, Two (2) Lower Panel Doors, Reeded Corner Columns, Claw & Ball Feet), Walnut Chippendale Low Chest Of Drawers (Three (3) Split Drawers Over Three (3) Full Length Drawers, Dovetailed Case & Line Inlay), Sewing Table, Oak Coat Tree, Victorian Marble Top (Drop Center Bureau, Washstand), Victorian (High Back Bed, Finger Carved Sofa, Rose Carved Gentleman’s Arm Chair, Medallion Back Sofa w/ Rose Carved Medallion Crest), Walnut Drop Leaf Gate Leg Table, Wicker Sofa & Arm Chair, Oak Jelly Cupboard (One (1) Drawer Over One (1) Door), Oak Two (2) Part High-Top Dry Sink, Softwood Hanging Cupboard w/ Two (2) Panel Doors, Mortise Leg Benches, Cedar Chest, Six (6) Press Back Side Chairs, Single Part Step-Back Cupboard, Grain Decorated Wardrobe, Broyhill (Chest Of Drawers, Three (3) Piece Bedroom Suite, Chifferobe), Monitor Cherry Hutch, Heywood Wakefield Open Top Hutch, Cherry Kneehole Desk, Child’s Paint Decorated Wooden Table & Chairs







Equipment: Snapper 12.5 HP Riding Mower, Lawn-Boy Mower w/ Rear Bagger, Mantis Rototiller, Yard Machine Snow Blower, Campbell Hausfeld (Air Compressor, Pneumatic Tools), DeWalt (Drill, Sawzall), Black & Decker (Drill, Stud Finder), Jack Stands, Troy-Bilt 4.5 HP Pressure Washer, Craftsman Tool Chest, Numerous Hand Tools

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Note:  The Above Information Provided Is Believed To Be Accurate But Not Guaranteed!

A 10% Buyer’s Premium Will Be Applied To All Purchases!


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Terms and Conditions: of Witman Auctioneers Inc. Each item for sale is sold AS-IS and WHERE IS with no guarantee whatsoever, and all sales are final.  We have made every attempt to describe each item as accurately as possible; however, although we do not believe so, there may be inaccuracies.  We expect all buyers to inspect each item personally and make their own judgment before bidding takes place.  Everything sold “AS IS, WHERE IS”, NO WARRANTIES, NO GUARANTEES.  Announcements by auctioneers take precedence over printed matter.  Buyer agrees, upon registration to bid to the terms and conditions of this auction. Terms:  Cash, Checks w/Bank Letter of Credit or Prior Approval from Auction Firm. ****Bank Letter of Guarantee Form**** (The following text is suggested, and should be on the Bank’s letterhead.)   Date: ________ Our bank, (bank’s name), irrevocably will guarantee any checks written to Witman Auctioneers Inc. for the purchase of items at the (name of particular auction) auction on (date of auction), by (you or your company name) from account number (fill in number) up to the total amount of (fill in $$ amount).   Sincerely, (Signature) (Bank officer’s name and title)   Most Credit Cards Accepted. A 15% Buyer’s Fee Will Apply to All Purchases – (Discounted to a 10% Buyer’s Fee for Cash or Approved Check!)

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