Saturday, February 9, 2019 – February Discovery Auction

Outstanding Public Auction

Location: Enck’s Banquet & Conference Center – 1461 Lancaster Road, Manheim, PA 17545

Selling For Multiple Local Estates & Collectors Including

Mr. & Mrs. Bistline (Newville), Margaret Smith Estate (Fredericksburg)

*Redware*Folk Art*Wood Carvings*

Antiques*Furniture*China & Glassware*


Saturday, February 9, 2019

Starting Time:  8:00 AM

(Inspection Auction Day Only 7:00 AM)

Coins & Currency: 8:00 AM

Zook 3-D & Hattie Brunner: 12 Noon


Artwork: Abner Zook 1990 3 – D Diorama Winter Snow Scene Painting (Pair Of Dapple Gray Horses Pulling A Bobsled w/ People Coming Out Of Covered Bridge Farm Buildings In Background, Overall Frame Dimensions 22″ x 36″), Hattie K. Brunner 1970 Winter Snow Scene (Black Horse Pulling A Sleigh For A Sleigh Ride) 





Red Ware/Stoneware: Artists: Kohler, C. Ned Foltz, B & L Breininger, S.J. Pottery, Mary Spellmire Shooner, Seagraves, S. Campbell Williamsburg, Huberhaus, Turtle Creek, Landis Valley, Chris Wood, Neal Charles Long, Lanier MeadersSalt Glaze Running Rabbit Jug, Mary Spellmire Floral Vase (1989), Mary Spellmire Shooner 1720 Wall Spoon & Plate Hanger (1997), SC Bird Whistle, Turtle Creek Museum Piece Bird Whistle, Greg Neal Museum Piece Finger Vase (1984), S. Campbell – #1 Sugar Bowl (1998), Handled Mug, Staffordshire Sgraffito Cup, E.M. 1702 Handled Creamers, Manganese Turks Head, Various Turks Heads, Shooner – Sgraffito Trencher (1997), Sunflower Bowl (2000), Foltz (Bird & Floral Ruffled Edge Bowl (1995), Handled Cups & Mugs, Bird Candleholder), C.N. Foltz Double Handled Collander, K.S.L. Tulip & Tree Plate, Lanier Meaders Glazed Bowl (1979), David Spinner Buck’s Co. Museum Piece (1985), Contemporary Chicken, L. B. Fat Lamp (1979), Breininger – Manganese Bowl (1979), Double Wall Pierced Lidded Vessel, Black Glaze Handled Pitchers, Lidded Cylindrical Vessel, Chris Woods & Neal Turtle Creek Bowl (1998), Bowls – Tulip, Sunflower, Squiggle Decoration, Ruffled Edge Bowl, Plates (Crimped Edge, Pie Plates, Loaf Dishes, Huberhaus Manganese Plate (1997), Foltz Chicken (1979), Breininger Keystone Emblem Taylor Mansion Plates (1981-1983), Foltz – Tulip, Sunflower, Bird (1985-1989), Tick Tack Toe, Squiggle, Chicken & Bird, Dot Plates, Greg Shooner Plates, (1980) Breininger Keystone Tulip & Floral Plate) , Red Ware Collection by Mary Spellmire Shooner (Open Lattice Bowl, Jugs, Crocks, Pitcher, Mug, Plates, Ornaments), S.C. Cross Hatched Handled Pitcher (1997), Lattice Handled Basket (2000), Foltz Charger, Foltz Platter, Redware Lion, Three (3) Redware Flower Pots, Blue Decorated Stoneware Crock, Stoneware Match Strike, Lidded Redware Vase W/ Glazing




Carvings: G. & G. Hosfeld – Carved Chicken (1982), Sitting Cat, Basket of Tulips, Gina Hosfeld Chicken (1982), Chicken, Cow, Pig, Giraffe, Wooden Chess Set, Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree Whirligig, D. & D.S. – Cross Hatched Spread Eagle (1998, 2000, & 2001), Miniature Cross Hatched Spread Eagles (2000), Freezing in the Rain Eagle on Ball (1994), Gooney Bird (1999), Cross Hatched Eagle (1986), Six-Bird Trees (1986), Four-Bird Tree (1996), Cross Hatched Gooney Bird w/ Fish in Mouth (1995), Large Cross Hatched Gooney Bird w/ Fish in Mouth (1995), Six-Animal Figural Bird Tree (2000), Goose (1997), Chicken (1995), Chris Flesher Dancers Whirligig, Mr. Bones Black Memorabilia Whirligig, T/B Alfred #22/40 Chicken Eating Corn Whirligig (1997), B. Hannah Figurals, T.W.S. – Double Lidded Tramp Art Bird Bureau Box (2000), Tramp Art Comb Box (1999), Bird Two-Tier Tramp Art Comb Box (1999), Carved Monkey, Pair Carved Chickens, Two (2) Carved Birds

Yellow Ware & Salt Glaze Pottery: Crocker & Spring Elsah, Illinois War Bonnet Handled Pitcher, Salt Glaze Decoration Crock, Yellow Ware Sampson Westminster, Mass. Handled Pitcher & Crock (2001), Yellow Ware Rabbit & Corn Heart, Sunflower Food Molds, Wax Sealers, Double Handled Crock, Eight (8) Yellowware Bowls, Yellowware Covered Butter Crock, Yellowware Pitcher, Small Mustard Colored Crock, Set Of Bauer Bowls, Salt Glazed Blue Decorated Stoneware (Scherfielder of Reading)

Metal Ware (Artists – Tim Loose, David Clagget, Karen Hurd, Wm. Barnet): H. K. Duck West Earl Wrought Iron Utensil, Spatula, Ladle, Flesh Fork, Rams Horn & Frog Leg Hinges, Early Grasps & Handles, Hog Scraper Push-Up Candlesticks, Wm. Barnet Tin Sheet Metal Chicken, Betty Fat Lamps, Handled Mugs, Handled Pitcher, Fruit & Food Molds, Horn, Spiral Candleholders Signed T. Loose, Silverplate Lenape Hunt Plate (1997), Tin Heart & Star Candleholders, Wall Sconces, Tin Bird Roaster, Six- & Ten-Hole Candle Molds, Sugar Tongs, Chicken Cookie Cutter, Spoons, Forks, Serving Ladle, Tablespoons, Iron Utensils

Pewter (Some w/ Touch Marks & Stamped): Basin Candlesticks, Reflector Magnifier Lamp, Handled Tankards, Old World Pewter, William IV Tankard, Various Size Plates, Quart & Pint Steins, Porringers, Shots, Ink Well, Flask, Old Castle Plates, Larger Chargers, Oval Platters, Thomas Stauffer Plate, Stamped P. & B. Plates, Assorted Bowls, Sugar & Creamer, Pear Teapot, Graduated Measures, Chalice, Tea Caddy Salt & Pepper Shakers, Spoons, Double Handled Bowl, London Handled Mugs





Wooden Wares:  Lehnware Decorated Lidded Sugar Bucket, Tramp Art Lidded Bureau Box, Wooden Firkin, C. Musser Fork & Rake, Fern & Floral Butter Print, Various Sizes Butter Bowls, Large Butter Bowl, “Old Time Wooden Ware” Frye’s Measure Mill Colonial Woodworking Red Paint Mirror Box, Eight (8) Drawer Spice Chest, Large Early Wooden Bowl

















Antiques: Gorham Sterling Silver Flatware Set (Approx. 65 Pcs., Wooden Chest), Chicken Pin Cushion, Horn Miniature Tumbler, Lidded Compote, Dish, Roseville Handled Pitchers, Several & Various Size Rye Straw Baskets, Double Check Basket, Splint Handle Basket, Cast Metal Mechanical & Still Banks (Trick Dogs, Santa Claus, Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Bear, Pig, Elephant, Witch, Humpty-Dumpty, Uncle Same, John Deere), Cast Iron (Amish Figures, Scales, Miniature Cook Stove, Horse Drawn Ice Wagon, Fire Engine), Cast Iron & Plastic Horse Drawn Beer Wagons, Barn Lanterns, Wall Bracket Lamp w/ Reflector, Flat Irons, Sad Irons, Brass Oilers, Railroad Brass Hand Bell, Pepsi-Cola Cooler, Ladies Elgin Wristwatches, Mechanical Drawing Tools, Pocketknives, Wooden Puzzles, Meerschaum Pipes, 1871 Two-Part Eagle & Floral Coverlet, Blackbird Hooked Rug, Approx. 90 Pcs. Collection of Boyd’s Bears & Friends, Resin Bears, Nativity Scene, Approx. 30 Longaberger Baskets, Christmas Decorations (Alpine Skating Ring, Ornaments, Tree Stand, Newville 1991 Ornaments, Retro Christmas Tree Light), Avon Red Ruby Glass, Howard Miller Mantle Clock, Martin 000-15 Guitar, 8″ Live Trap (Have-A-Heart?), Two (2) Flexible Flyer Sleds, Child’s Bobsled, Wheel Barrow, Tiger Maple Candle Box, Early Log Cabin, Bennington Wash Board, One (1) Child’s Decorated Fork & Rake, Early Wooden Bird Cage, Three (3) Cloth Birds, Aunt J Doorstop, Early Fine Carved Bird Cane, Cast Iron Dog Bank, Wooden Straight Edge, Small Doll Chair (Wood), Pair Steiff Chickens, Steiff Turtle, Steiff Frog, Tin Candle/Match Box, Tin Washboard & Tub, Tin Dinner Horn, Two (2) Lamps, Sewing Bird, Early Pin Cushions, Two (2) Bye-Lo dolls, Jars Of Marbles, Child’s Kitchen Utensils, Color Wheel, Corvette w/ Santa, Two (2) Bears On Wheels, Lionel Train Set, Box Of Books, Records, Camera, Clock, Two (2) Surf Fishing Rods, Two (2) Pair Strap Hinges, Spring Scale, Mini Food Grinder, Assortment of Wooden Mashers, Lenox Iris, Buttons, Dolls (Craft), Blown Glass (Green Trumpet Bottle, Red Squatty Bottle, Green & Amber Sunflower Flask, Bottles & Tumblers, Green Center Console Compote)




Coins/Currency:  Three (3) One (1) Ounce Gold Krugerrand Pieces (1975,1982,1984), 1856 1$ Gold Piece, 1912 2-1/2$ Gold Piece, Two (2) 1914 2-1/2 $ Gold Pieces, Twenty (20) Dollar Manheim National Bank Note Graded By PMG, Silver Bullion Rounds (Buffalo) One (1) Ounce Piece, Morgan Silver Dollars, Peace Silver Dollars, Approximately Fifty (50) Silver Dollars, Foreign Silver Coins (1902 Edward VII Ten (10) Cents, 1904 Edward VII Ten (10) Cents, 1915 Cuba 2.5 grams, Canadian Poppy Twenty-Five (25) Cents, 1942 Three Pence), Many Other Foreign Silver Coins, American Coins (1909 S Lincoln Penny, 1922 No D Lincoln Penny, 1914 D Lincoln Penny, 1931 S Lincoln Penny, 1858 Flying Eagle One (1) Cent, 1875 Indian Head MS64, 1936 D Liberty Walking Half Dollar MS66, 1932 S Washington Quarter, 1807 Half Cent, 1855 Large Cent, 1862 Indian Head Penny), Complete Set Jefferson Nickels (1938-1991), Complete Set Roosevelt Dimes (1946-1964), Set Of Mercury Dimes Excluding 16 D, Complete Set Canadian Cents (1920-2006), Silver Quarters, Dimes, Buffalo Nickels, Indian Head Pennies, Wheat Pennies, Large One (1) Dollar Note (Black Eagle), Proof Sets






Paintings: C. Hoff Miniature Teddy Bears (1993), Annie B. Giblin Miniature House (2000), Framed Chick Painting, J. McKenna Santa, Tramp Art Picture Frame, David Ellinger Watercolor (1980)









Stoneware & China: Warwick China Ioga BPOE (Elk Pattern – Teapot, Tankard, Handled Mugs, Pitchers, Toothpick Holders, Miniature Mug), Stoneware Pitchers (Green, Brown, Blue, Dark Blue Multi-Colored Tankard, Bennington Type Pitchers, Greyhound Pitcher, Peacock Pitcher), D.H.L. Pottery Water Sets, Miscellaneous Glassware, Snowflake Creamer, Cup & Saucer, Plates, Leeds Plates, Transfer & Historical Blue Plates, Oriental Vases









Degenhart Glass: Large Collection Consisting of Owls, Candleholders, Toothpick Holders, Salt & Pepper Sets, Priscilla Dolls, Pooches, Miniature Benjamins & Priscillas, Miniature Pooches, Hatchets, Child’s Mugs, Forget-Me-Nots Toothpicks, Heart Shaped Toothpicks, Bird w/ Cherry Salts, 5″ Robin w/ Cherry, Turkey, Lambs, Covered Candy Dishes, Heart Shaped Jewelry Box w/ Cover, Miniature Pitcher, Texas Boot, Roller Skate, Centennial Bell, Heart, Lyre Cup Plate, Hatchets, First Lady of Glass Plate, Beaded Heart Toothpick Holder, Daisy & Button Salt, Carnival Daisy & Button Sugar & Creamer, Colonial Drape Toothpick Holder, Witch Pot, Elephant Head w/ Toothpick, Tramp Shoe, Basket Toothpick, Daisy & Button High Shoe, Puss In Boot Slipper, Hand Ashtray, Daisy & Button Slipper, Buzz Saw Wine, Whimsy, Wild Flower Covered Compote

Boyd’s Crystal Art Glass of Cambridge, Ohio: Large Collection Consisting of Louise Dolls (Many One of a Kind Pcs.), Colonial Man, Dogs Head, Colonial Doll, Corvette Cars, Boyd Logo, 1″ Miniature Hen on Nests, Teddy Bears, Sammy the Squirrel, Unicorns, Fuzzy the Bear, Patrick the Balloon Bear, Miniature Train, 1″ Rabbit on Nests, Angel, Horses (Signed), Elephant, Hatchets

St. Clair Glass: Collection by Artisans Joe, Bob, & Maude Consisting of Inverted Fan & Feather, Indian Head, Presidential, Bi-Centennial Bell, Swan Toothpick, Slag & Carnival, Bi-Centennial Plate, Paperweights, Trumpet Flower, Animals, Floral, Ribbon, Floral Candleholders, Birds, Teapot Ring Holders, Easter Egg, Floral Bell, Floral Toothpick, Pen Holder, Apple, Pear, Large Pear, Ashtrays, Small & Tall Vase Perfumes, Elk Paperweight, Plate

Gibson Glass: Collection Consisting of Paperweights, Apple, Pear, Apple w/ Worm, Apples w/ Leaf, Peppers, Animals, Perfumes, Slag Birdbath


Opalescent Inverted Fan & Feather Glass: Collection Consisting of White, Blue, Vaseline, Green Colors – Spooners, Rose Bowls, Cord Dishes (Including Very Rare Green Color), Piasa Bird Vases, Spittoons, Piasa Bird Bowl, Covered Candy Dish, Vases, Berry Bowl & Dishes






Furniture: Walnut Punch Tin Panel Pie Safe, Repro Paint Decorated Hanging Six Pane One Door Cabinet, Pair Windsor Hoop Back Spindle Chairs W/ Bulbous Stretchers, Tiger Maple Chippendale Style Looking Glass, Walnut Frame Chestnut Shelf & Oak Gallery Bow Front China Closet, 1-Pc. Corner Cupboard (Two Pane Doors Over Two Panel Doors), 2-Pc. Softwood Slant Front Desk (Blind Door Bookcase Top w/ Interior), Stack Bookcase, Four (4) Wooden Hanging Display Cases, Depression Era Square China Closet, Plexiglass Truck Display Case, Large Partners Desk, UPL Loveseats, Electric Lift Chair, Pine Book Shelves, Oak Ice Box, Oak Library Table, Drop Leaf Gate Leg Table, Rattan Tiki Bar & Swivel Stools With Backs (Perfect Condition), Glass top w/ Wrought Iron Bistro Table & Two (2) Chairs w/ Wicker Seats, Cedar Chest, Six Leg 3/4 Length Leave Dropleaf Table, Paint Decorated Softwood Blanket Chest W/ Turned Feet, Till, Grandfather’s Plank Seat Rocker, Fiddleback Plank Seat Decorated Chairs, Children’s Spindle Back Plank Seat Chairs, Yellow Entertainment Cabinet, Two (2) Windsor Chairs



Equipment: Napoleon Gas Grill, John Deere J62 Mower, Simplicity 8HP Snow Blower, Craftsman Tool Chest, Delta Mitre Saw, Husqvarna 235 Chain Saw, Snow Blower, 16′ Extension Ladder, 20′ Straight Aluminum Ladder, Rototiller

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Note:  The Above Information Provided Is Believed To Be Accurate But Not Guaranteed!

A 10% Buyer’s Premium Will Be Applied To All Purchases!


Auction Conducted By:


Terms and Conditions: of Witman Auctioneers Inc. Each item for sale is sold AS-IS and WHERE IS with no guarantee whatsoever, and all sales are final.  We have made every attempt to describe each item as accurately as possible; however, although we do not believe so, there may be inaccuracies.  We expect all buyers to inspect each item personally and make their own judgment before bidding takes place.  Everything sold “AS IS, WHERE IS”, NO WARRANTIES, NO GUARANTEES.  Announcements by auctioneers take precedence over printed matter.  Buyer agrees, upon registration to bid to the terms and conditions of this auction. Terms:  Cash, Checks w/Bank Letter of Credit or Prior Approval from Auction Firm. ****Bank Letter of Guarantee Form**** (The following text is suggested, and should be on the Bank’s letterhead.)   Date: ________ Our bank, (bank’s name), irrevocably will guarantee any checks written to Witman Auctioneers Inc. for the purchase of items at the (name of particular auction) auction on (date of auction), by (you or your company name) from account number (fill in number) up to the total amount of (fill in $$ amount).   Sincerely, (Signature) (Bank officer’s name and title)   Most Credit Cards Accepted. A 15% Buyer’s Fee Will Apply to All Purchases – (Discounted to a 10% Buyer’s Fee for Cash or Approved Check!)

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