Thursday, November 19, 2020 – Ed Foulke Online Only Auction – 217 Lots

Ed D. Foulke Jr. Online Only Auction – 217 Lots

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Auction Ends Thursday, November 19, 2020 – 7:00 PM


1939 Ellendale Avenue, Lancaster, PA 17602

Friday, November 20, 2020 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM – One Day Only!

To arrange pick-up, contact the office 717-665-5735.

Note: This Is a Nice Clean Line of Items. All Items Being Sold to Highest Bidder, No Reserves.



Lot #1: Campbell Hausfeld 5000 Watt Generator 10 Hp

Lot #2: G.E. Upright One (1) Door Freezer

Lot #3: Jacobsen 20″ Snowblower 5Hp

Lot #4: John Deere Tricycler 14SE 21″ Cut Self Propelled Mower

Lot #5: Black & Decker Workmate 400 Work Table

Lot #6: Stainless Chimney 13″ x 13″ Top

Lot #7: Stainless Chimney 9″ x 13″ Top

Lot #8: Garden Hose 12/2 Wire w/ Ground & Receptacle

Lot #9: Wooden Rolling Dolly

Lot #10: Two (2) Plastic Gas Containers

Lot #11: 4′ x 6′ Area Pattern Rug

Lot #12: Two (2) Pattern Runner Carpets

Lot #13: Trimline 4600 Treadmill

Lot #14: Metal Craftsman Tool Box w/ Tools

Lot #15 Three (3) Piece American Tourister Luggage

Lot #16: Two (2) Piece American Tourister Luggage

Lot #17: Three (3) Wrought Iron Plant Hangers

Lot #18: Wooden Drying Rack & Rolling Music Cabinet

Lot #19: Three (3) Fluorescent Overhead Lights

Lot #20: Modern Four (4) Section Bookcase (Lighted)

Lot #21: Three (3) Upholstered Rolling Arm Chairs

Lot #22: Two (2) Fig Trees, Metal Folding Chair -3 Pcs.

Lot #23: Chrome Breakfast Table w/ Board

Lot #25: Bruno Elite Electric Stair Glide Chair Model SPE-2010 

Lot #26: Grouping Electrical Extension Cords

Lot #27: 4′ x 8′ Train Board w/ Sound Deadening

Lot #28: Handicap Potty Chair & Folding Chair – 2 Pcs. 

Lot #29: Limb Saw, Axe, Ground Shovel, Snow Shovels, Rakes Lot – 9 Pcs. 

Lot #30: Black & Decker Electric Trimmer, Hand Pruner – 2 Pcs.

Lot #31: Havahart Animal Live Trap

Lot #32: Aluminum Extension Ladder 20′

Lot #33: Extension Cord, Timer, Lights, Garden Hose Lot

Lot #34: Red Trouble Light, Metal Rolling Triangle Cart, Air Compressor

Lot #35: Five (5) Drawer Chest Of Drawers

Lot #36: CD’s Grouping Lot Lot #37: CD’s Grouping Lot

Lot #38: Barbie Pretty Picnic, Walt Disney Clock, Back Scratcher – 3 Pcs.

Lot #39: W.T. Armstrong Flute w/ Case, Whistle – 2 Pcs. 

Lot #40: Kodak, Lumix, Polaroid, Camera Case & Camera Lot

Lot #41: Ice Packs, Luggage, Sponge Lot

Lot #42: Bushnell Field Glasses, 2-Ton Jack Lot

Lot #43: Wooden Book Rack, Wooden Shelves, Umbrella, File Lot

Lot #44: Apex, Sylvania, Philips DVD & VHS Players

Lot #45: Checkers, Backgammon, Chess Games Lot

Lot#46: Round Wooden Table w/ Two (2) Leaves

Lot #47: Black & Decker Electric Hedge Trimmer, Gas Can, Wooden Saw Horses Lot

Lot #48: Drive Cruiser X4 Wheel Chair

Lot #49: Two (2) Tractors, Two (2) Vehicles, Baseball Lot

Lot #50: Gavel, Carved Head, Vase Box Lot

Lot #51: Pliers, Hooks, Lock & Key, Funnel Lot

Lot #52: Year Books, Metal Box, File Box Lot

Lot #53: Uniden Bearcat Scanner, BC 55 XLT, Walkman – 3 Pcs. 

Lot #54: Modern Table w/ Board

Lot #55: Funnels, Picture Frames, Clothes Pin Bag, Extension Cord, Net Lot

Lot #56: Two (2) Shelf Cabinets w/ Cleaning Supplies

Lot #57: Sledge Hammer, Gardening Tools & Bag

Lot #58: Germany & France Brass Carriage Clocks

Lot #59: Schatz Clock & Barometer

Lot #60: Collection Of Five (5) Clocks Lot

Lot #61: Glass Hat, Hen On Nest, Two (2) Ruby Flash Pitchers & Mug – 4 Pcs.

Lot #62: Tin Pan Am Airplane, Traffic Signal Fence, Vehicles Lot

Lot #63: Police, Two (2) Dozers, Fire Chief Toys – 4 Pcs.

Lot #64: Dump Trailer, Crane, Fire Engine Toys – 3 Pcs.

Lot #65: Esso Tanker Semi Truck

Lot #66: Superior Safe, Mail Box Banks

Lot #67: Five (5) Ertl Truck Banks

Lot #68: Grouping Of Children’s Books

Lot #69: Brass Lot, Ships, Animals, Bell, Barometer Lot

Lot #70: Fancy Wall Mount Bell

Lot #71: Wooden Hand Wringer

Lot #72: Hamilton New Holland 25 Year Wall Mount Regulator Clock

Lot #73: Two (2) Plastic Shelves

Lot #74: Stereo View-Master w/ Cards

Lot #75: Drop Cord Light, Electric Saw, Drill Tool Lot

Lot #76: Bemis Toilet Seat Covers

Lot #77: Pig Bank Belt Buckle, Wooden Whale, Tie Clasps Lot

Lot #78: Stained Sun Catchers, Foils, Brass Bell Lot

Lot #79: Two (2) Lights, Heater, RCA Radio Lot

Lot #80: Ivory Type Figures, Boxes

Lot #81: Compass Sun Dial, Painting On Slate, Plate, Vase Lot

Lot #82: Large Family Bible, Black & White Photos Lot

Lot #83: Pyrex Measuring Cup, Coffee Mugs, Wine Glasses, Ice Bucket Lot

Lot #84: Cocktail Shakers, Wines, Crystal Jar, Champagnes Lot

Lot #85: Tea Kettle, Cookie Sheets, Stock Pot, Visionware Lot

Lot #86: Wine Bottles, Cookie Cutters, Flatware, Kitchen Utensils, Cutting Boards Lot

Lot #87: Noritake Tea Pots, Ramekins, Pyrex Casseroles, Corning Tea Pot, Egg Plates Lot

Lot #88: Sewing Items, Baking Pans, Hamilton Beach Mixer Lot

Lot #89: Pyrex & Corningware , Mixing Bowls, Kettles, Flatware Lot

Lot #90: Shalimar Guerlain Paris Perfume, Pitcher, Hair Dryer, Headphones Lot

Lot #91:  Rival Electric Ice Cream Maker, Cookie Cutters, Coffee Pot Lot

Lot #92: Tote Of Kitchen Linens, Placemats, Towels

Lot #93: Folding Card Table & Four (4) Samsonite Folding Chairs

Lot #94: Crosley Repro Table Top Radio/Turntable

Lot #95: Wooden Ship Wheel

Lot #96: Barometer

Lot #97: View-Master, Tasco Tri-Pod Lot

Lot #98: Ertl New Holland Hit’N’Miss Engine, New Holland Truck Bank

Lot #99: New Holland Memorabilia, Hats, Cup, Bank, Belleville Foundry Lot

Lot #100: Baler, Pewter Pieces, New Holland Co. Skillet, Combine, Tractor, Hit ‘N” Miss Engine Lot

Lot #101: New Holland, Sperry Rand Promotional Items

Lot #102: Lionel Ertl New Holland Loader 6-16958 Car

Lot #103: Lionel Catalogs, Magazines, Pins Lot

Lot #104: Lionel Post Cards, Catalogs Lot

Lot #105: Milton Bradley Simon Games

Lot #106: Lisa Madenspacher, Hermansader Train Prints

Lot #107: New Holland Tote Bag, Rain Coats, Equip Print, Pen Lot

Lot #108: New Holland Harvest Scene Prints Black & White Bailing Photos Lot

Lot #109: New Holland Advertising Watercolor & Prints – Approx. 15 Pcs.

Lot #110: Heinz Pickle, Monkey Wrench Tie Clasp, Sunday School Pin, Pistol Jewelry Lot

Lot #111: Linen Table Cloths Lot

Lot #112: Work Site Double Halogen Lights w/ Stand

Lot #113: Circular Gold Gilt Mirror

Lot #114: Cufflinks, Large Oval Pin, Watch Fob, Packet Watch Case Only Lot

Lot #115: Modern Bookcase

Lot #116: Three (3) Stackable Tables, Turn Table, Shelf Lot

Lot #117: Royal Upright Vacuum Sweeper 

Lot #118: CD’s, Train, Telephone, Camera, Yardsticks, Clock, Office Paper Lot – 3 Boxes

Lot #119: Scale, Blood Pressure Kit, Reel Movies, Crock Pot, Easy Seal Bags Lot – 4 Boxes

Lot #120: VHS Tapes, DVD’s, Glass Vase, Tic Tack Toe Game, Bushnell Field Glass, Candlesticks, Drafting Items – 5 Boxes

Lot #121: Clocks, Hangers, Table Linen, Stationary Lot – 5 Boxes

Lot #122: Wooden Silverware Chest, Silverplate Vase, Tray, Bowls Lot

Lot #123: Two (2) Prints Of Williamsburg VA – Note: Two (2) Photos

Lot #124: PA Manuals, Great Book Of Trains, Old Lancaster, New Holland Bailer, Williamsburg & Long Wood Garden Book Lot

Lot #125: White Board

Lot #126: Queen Anne Chair, Provincial End Table, Cane Seat Rocker – 3 Pcs. 

Lot #127: Keyboard, Cables, Extension Cord, Phones, Foot Bath, Tupperware & Paper Supplies Lot – 4 Boxes

Lot #128: White’s Coin Master Metal Detector

Lot #129: Upholstered Recliner, Arm Chair, Shoe Bench, Kid’s Table Lot – 4 Pcs.

Lot #130: Camel Pictures, Atlas, Sheet Music, Ceramic Tile, Turtle Light – 2 Boxes

Lot #131: Seashore Print By Carolyn Bliss Lot #132: Rummikub, Trump Games, Playing Cards, Card Shuffle – 2 Boxes

Lot #133: Folding Card Table, Drafting Table, Piano Bench

Lot #134: Cassette & CD Racks, CD’s, Nite Stick Lot

Lot #135: Cooler, Flashlights, Camera Case, Sunbeam Iron, Kamik Boots, Kodak Carousel Projector Lot

Lot #136: Clock, Skeleton, Furniture Keys

Lot #137: Antique Mixed Wood Wall Clock

Lot #138: Davis Cherry Slant Lid Queen Anne Foot Desk

Lot #139: Four (4) Speakers

Lot #140: Philips Screen, Printer Stand, Provincial Table – 4 Pcs.

Lot #141: Vintage Handbags, Bear Bank, Timer, Pocket Books Lot

Lot #142: Vintage 1945 Kamehameha Hawaiian Men’s Swimsuit

Lot #143: 1970’s German Lederhosen Outfit 

Lot #144: Austrian Oil On Canvas Gent Painting

Lot #145: Vinyl Records, Constantine Kermes 78 Print, Picture Lot

Lot #146: Wooden Desk, Metal Rolling Rack, Bedside Table – 3 Pcs.

Lot #147: Quilt, Bed Linens, Towels Lot

Lot #148: King Size Bed w/ Frame

Lot #149: C.X. Carlson ’73 Krugs Tannery Original Watercolor Painting

Lot #150: Black & White Photo, Prints, Frame Lot

Lot #151: Two (2) Black & White Photos

Lot #152: Two (2) Color Pastel Paintings

Lot #153: Crosley Dehumidifier

Lot #154: Cast Iron Horse Head Tie Post

Lot #155: Provincial Dresser w/ Mirror

Lot #156: Toy Chest

Lot #157: Two (2) Boxes Of Bubble Wrap

Lot #158: Pedestal Fan, Wooden Stool

Lot #159: Two (2) Wheel Hand Cart

Lot #160: Rubber Horseshoes, Badminton Rackets Lot

Lot #161: Microscope w/ Box

Lot #162: Two (2) Flatware Chests, Silverplate Flatware Lot

Lot #163: Fireplace Bellow, Linden Mantel Clock

Lot #164: Tin Lunch Box, File Box, Scrap Book, Strasburg Books

Lot #165: Coin Books, Deeds Lot

Lot #166: Wild Wild West Lunch Box – No Thermos

Lot #167: Black & White Photos – 40 Photos

Lot #168: Black & White Family, Locomotive, Conductor, Horse Drawn Photos – 40 Photos

Lot #169: Black & White Store Front, Wicker, Family Photos Tin Type – 32 Photos

Lot #170: Black & White (Mostly Family) Photo Album

Lot #171: PA, Washington, NY, NJ Some Black & White Post Cards Lot

Lot #172: Valley Forge, Black & White, NC, Presidential, NY Post Cards Lot

Lot #173: Niagara Falls, Black & White, Rome, Modern, Church Post Cards Lot

Lot #174: 1875 Historical Lancaster County Atlas By Everett & Stewart

Lot #175: Stationary, Binders, Fire Extinguisher Lot – 4 Boxes

Lot #176: Medical Bandages & Supplies – 4 Boxes

Lot #177: Lancaster Patriot Medals, Bill Of Rights Medal, Wood Block Lot 

Lot #178: 1875 Historical Atlas Of Lancaster County By Everts & Stewart

Lot #179: Baseballs, Picture Frame, Williamsburg Sketches Lot

Lot #180: Wooden Sailfish Boat

Lot #181: Mirror Back Bar

Lot #182: Kodak Carousels, DA-Lite Screen, Liberace Posters 

Lot #183: Lane Coffee Table, Stereo Cabinet – 2 Pcs.

Lot #184: Outdoor Christmas Wreaths, Trees Lot

Lot #185: Blonde Chest Of Drawers, Metal Bed Frame – 2 Pcs.

Lot #186: Bumper Pool Table w/ Que Sticks

Lot #187: Two (2) Card Tables, Three (3) Folding Chairs – 5 Pcs.

Lot #188: Henry Ford, Biography Of Ford, Ford Road Books – 3 Pcs.

Lot #189: Books, Old Clocks Book, Punch Bowl & Cups, Ladle, Bar Bell Lot

Lot #190: Vinyl 33 RPM Records Lot

Lot #191: 45 RPM & 33 RPM Vinyl Records Lot

Lot #192: 2-XL 1978 Mego Corp. 8 Track Player

Lot #193: Cast Metal Animals – 5 Pcs.

Lot #194: Cast Metal Alligator, Dog, Plastic Monkeys & Animals

Lot #195: Paper (Like) Money – 7 Pcs.

Lot #196: Bongo Drum, Wooden Stick Toys, Slide Lot

Lot #197: Mercury, Cadillac Cutlass, Circle Line, Ringling Bros., Manuals & Magazines Lot

Lot #198: Mad, Life, Comic, Magazines & Old Newspaper Lot

Lot #199: Phillies Photograph Prints – 17 Pcs. 

Lot #200: Ben-Hur, Ten Commandments, Little Brown Bear Paper Goods Lot

Lot #201: Protect Signal Curb Feeler, Screwdrivers, Tool Lot

Lot #202: Vise Grips, Punches, Tape, Screwdriver Tool Lot

Lot #203: Esso Handy Oil Tin Nuts & Bolts, Mugs, Shelf Contents Lot

Lot #204: C-Clamps, Clamps, Wrench Stain Glass, Brass Anchor Level, Torch Lot

Lot #205: Record Cabinet

Lot #206: Jig Saw, Paint Sponge Brushes, Vases, Cooler, Steins, Sewing Machine Lot

Lot #207: Rope, Silverplate, Movie Camera, Cable Lot – 4 Boxes  

Lot #208: Sargent Plane, Hatchets, Hammer, Paint Brushes Tool Lot

Lot #209: Thermos, Igloo Coolers, Barbie Doll, Tote Lot

Lot #210: Blonde Dresser w/ Mirror

Lot #211: Pyrex Casserole, Tupperware Keepers, Picture Frames, Vases, Candle Holder Lot

Lot #212: Wire Racks, Carrying Bags, Plastic Slide Cabinet Lot

Lot #213: Black & Decker Blower, Drill w/ Rechargers Lot

Lot #214: Twin Mirrors

Lot #215: Three (3) Plastic Totes w/ Lids

Lot #216: Pair Of Wall Mount Retro Lights

Lot #217: Five (5) Long Handled Garden Tools

Auction Terms & Conditions 10% Buyer’s Premium added to final bid price. All items are located at 1939 Ellendale Avenue, Lancaster, PA 17603. Cash, check, or credit card payments (5% additional fee) will be accepted prior to removal, or invoices can be paid via credit card before pick-up by calling Witman Auctioneers, Inc. at 717-665-5735. Please be sure of what you are buying. Witman Auctioneers, Inc. is not responsible for misinformation or inaccurate descriptions. Everything selling AS-IS. Bring your own boxes and packing material. Bring your own help to move furniture and load items.

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