Saturday, September 10, 2022 – ON SITE – Ned & The Late Gwen Foltz Life Long Personal Collection Public Auction

Ned & The Late Gwen Foltz – Life Long Personal Collection

ON SITE – Public Auction

LOCATION: Reinholds Fire Company Banquet Hall

13 W Main Street Reinholds, PA 17569 – Lancaster County

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Starting Time: 9:00 AM

Inspection of Items Auction Day Only – 7:00 AM

Southern & Redware Pottery

Wooden Folk Art Carvings

Painted Country, & Primitive Furniture

Hooked Rugs, Baskets, Tinware, & Country Items

Southern Pottery: Lanier Meaders Handled Pitcher 9.5 “, Charlie Heard Handled Pitcher 11.5”, Ned Berry Grandson of George Berry Potter Inscribed Leaf and Berry Handled Jug – Columbia Georgia, Face Handled Mug, B.B. Craig Snake Jug, Vale North Carolina, 1985 Cleater Meaders Unusual 5 Spout Handled Jug 9”, Hewell Man Face w/ Lizard Jug 8”, Chester Hewell  Man Face w/ Lizard Jug 10”, Wilford Dean Acorn & Leaf Applied Stoneware Vase 7.5”, Grace Nell Hewell Double Handled Storage Jar w/ Lizard, Grape, Leaf, Applica, Wilford Dean Face Jug 9”, Cole Pottery – Basket, Creamer, Mug, B.B. Craig, Vale N.C. Handled Pitcher, Jugtown Ware Cups, ABC Plate, Jugtown Plate





Redware/Stoneware/Pottery: 18th Century 11” Redware Plate, Ned Foltz Redware (Plates, Bowls, Ornaments), BBP Pottery Turkey & Chicken Figures, Salt Glaze Stoneware (Brush Decorated Double Handled Butter Tub, Floral Decorated Handled Pitcher, Decorated Mugs, Handled Pitcher), Salt Glaze Stoneware Eldreth (Ovoid Double Handled Decorated Crock, Small Crock, Lidded Storage Jar, Handled Pitcher, Cat Crock, Pumpkin Face Candle Holder, Sitting Cat, Father Christmas), Stobner Salt Glaze Stoneware, Wartville OH (Handled Pitcher, Blue Decorated Flower Pots, House Shaped Covered Butter Dish, Double Handled Blue Decorated Crock, Tea Pot), C.B. Craven Jugtown Ware Stoneware Handled Jug, S. L. Pewters 5 Gallon Double Handled Bird Decorated Crock( Missing Handle and Chipped), 2005 Rowe Pottery Double Handled Vase, Unglazed Redware (Candle Holder, Bowl, Covered Casserole), Redware Bundt Pans, Sponge Decorated Stoneware Cooler w/ Spigot, Sponge Decorated Lidded Storage Jar, Albany Glazed Crock, Hadley Angels Watching Plate, Stoneware Set of 6 Custard Bowls, Redware Pie Plates, 1998 BBP Dog Dish, Merry Christmas Plate, Small Crocks












Wood Carvings/Folk Art/Hooked Rugs:  Manger Barn w/ Wooden Wise Men and Animal Figures (Some Gottshall), Gottshall Father Christmas pulling a Sled Storage Jar w/ Wooden Lid,  1991 WJG Santa Claus Storage Jar w/ Wooden Lid,  Gottshall Santa  Storage Jar w/ Wooden Lid, 1979 Gottshall Rabbit Comb Box, 1975 Walter Gottshall Rocking Horse,  Gottshall Carved Roster w/ Chick, 1988 Gottshall Sitting Rabbit, 1983 Gottshall WJG Father Christmas, Gottshall Sitting Father Christmas, 1988 WJG Lion on Base, 1990 Dave Gottshall Wooden Birdhouse, David Gottshall Primitive Carved Ginger Bread Man Riding a Fox, 2001 Timothy Strawser Rabbit Holding Easter Basket Storage Jar w/ Wooden Lid, Strawser Mary Riding a Donkey, 1997 J Russell Carved Rabbit w/ Pull Out, 1994 Frank Bauman Father Christmas, 1989 DDS Carved Eagle w/ Cross Hatching, John Bastian (2) 1995, 1996 Wooden Carved Rabbits, 1996 Framed Gwen Foltz 13/25 Two Cats w/ Bee Hive and Sun Flowers, Framed Gwen Foltz Three Rabbits & Tulips Happy Spring 15/25, 1983 Barbara Strawser Framed Adam and Eve Painting, 2007 Jenny Salsini Merry Christmas First Santa Painting, 2005 Dierwechter Dome Lid Paint Decorated Box, Painting on Board of Lion & Cow, Painting on Board Father Christmas, Blown Glass Green Handled Pitcher, End of Day Pitcher, Hand Blown Green Twisted Decanter, Blue Glass Cloche, DDS Sheep, 1989 Nancy Thomas Church, 05 Wooden H. A. K.  Turned Saffron Cup, 90 Tat Wooden Turtle, Wooden Highly Decorated Religious Shadow Box, 1984 Denise Calla Father Christmas, Santa in the Workshop, Wall Paper Boxes w/ Paper Eggs, Oval Banded Pantry Boxes, Composite Turkey, Paper Mache Squirrel on Nut, GMD Tin Santa w/ Elephant and Bear Ornament, Cloth & Composite Snowmen & Rabbit, Wooden Nut Crackers, Paper Mache Composite Father Christmas Bell, Paper Mache Composite Rabbit Pulling Egg, Composite Rabbits, Christmas Ornaments, Large Assortment of Copperware (Cookie Cutters,  Ladles, Pan, Trays), Tin Chocolate Molds (Rabbit, Chicken, Lamb, Pine Comb, Basket), Large Amount of Tin Cookie Cutters including Large Deer, Rabbits, Father Christmas, Wooden Butter Prints – Moravian Star, Chicken, Double Heart, Rye Straw Offering Basket w/ Wooden Handle, Rye Straw Baskets, Splint Double Handled Basket, Wooden Hand Crafted Sail Ship, Wooden Frame House Replica, Wooden Doll House, Rag Rugs, Varied Assortment of Hooked Rugs & Pillows – Kathy Yoder, CSD, Many Other Items!





Antiques: Stamped G. Mayer  Wood Plane, #26 Union Wood Plane, A. Howard Wood Plane, E.W.Carpenter Lancaster, PA Wood Plane, Label Advertising Fruit Box  Ends, English Redware Roof Top Chimney (29″ H x 14″ W), Red Paint Soft Wood Tool Carrier (30″ L x 18″ W x 7 1/2″ H), Wooden Folk Art Towel Holder, Wood Frame Mirror, Primitive Lathe Drying Rack, Wicker Rocker Cradle, Pair of Wrought Iron Strap Hinges, Wooden Oblong Trencher (32″ L x 14″ W x 6″ H), Primitive Tool Makers Holder, Large Copper Kettle On Steel Bracket Frame, Stoneware Cowden Wilcox Blue Decorated Jug Lamp, Stoneware Brown & White Swirl Lamp, Stoneware 12 Gallon Blue Stenciled Double Handled Crock w/ Lid, Many More Items!








Furniture: Red Paint Softwood  Twelve Pane Dutch Cupboard (Top Part w/Plate Rail, Fluted Cornice, Bottom Part Three (3) Drawers over Two (2) Panel Doors, Wooden Pulls, Turn Feet, 54″ L x 20″ W x 84″ H) Red Paint Country Three (3) Shelf Crock Bench (49 1/2″ L x 24″ W x 42″H),Paint Decorated Crock Shelf (59″ L x 12″ W x 73″ H), Primitive Wood Cupboard Top (Plate Rails, Spoon Rest, Dovetailed, 59″ L x 14″ W x 35″ H), German Painted Softwood Chest (Strap Hinges, Till, Writing in Pencil on Lid Dated 1909, 44″ L x 26″ W x 37 1/2″ H),  Primitive Wooden  Softwood Shelf, Painted Primitive Wooden Crock Bench, Red Paint Softwood Lift Lid Mill Desk w/ Gallery( 40″ L x 26″ W x 41″ H), Painted Primitive Wooden  Plant Stand w/ Taper Legs (33″ H x 17 1/2″ x 17 1/2″ ),  Red Paint Country Stand (20 1/2″H x 14″ W x 34″ H), Blue Paint Hinged Chest (25 1/2″ L x 12 1/2″ W x 12″ H), Slat Top Steamer Trunk, Softwood Blanket Chest w/ Bracket Feet (32″ L x 18″ W x 21 1/2″ H), Painted Wooden Multi Shelf (20 1/2″ L x 22″ W x 82″ H), Country One (1) Door Cabinet (24 1/2″ L x 19″ W x 37″ H), Softwood One (1) Board Top Tressel Table  W/  Scrub Top,  Red Paint Base (66″ L x 21″ W x 30″ H), Country Five (5) Shelf Cupboard (27 1/2″ L x 16 1/2″ W x 84″ H), Pine One Board Top Country Table (84″ L x 30″ W x 30″ H), Painted Softwood Two (2) Lid Wood Box (73″ L x 20″ W x 17″H), Large One Door Canning Cupboard (30″ L x 13″ W x 76″ H), Blue Paint Scrub Top Table (52″ L x 17 1/2″ W x 27 1/2″ H), Country Two (2) Shelf Bucket Bench (44 1/2″ L x 12 1/2″ W x 35 1/2″ H), Primitive Softwood Dough Box On Stand (34″ L x 17″ W x 27″ H), Circular Painted Heart  Table W/ Red Base (55″ W x 30″ H), Rustic Country Softwood Bucket/Crock Bench (41″ L x 19″ W x 41″ H), Green Paint Hooiser Style Drop Leaf Table, Six (6) Leg Wood Butcher Block (29 1/2″ L x 40″ W x 32″ H), Spindle Back Barber Chair, Spindel Back Plank Seat Settee w/ Traces of Red Paint (79″ L x 21″ W x 34″ H), Ladder Back Reed Seat Chair, Two (2) Woven Seat Stools, Primitive Softwood Barrel Scalding Trough w/ Traces of Blue Paint & Gallery Back (79″ L x 30″ W x 38″ H),  Wooden Ballon Back Rocker, Many Other Items! 




Note:  The Above Information Provided Is Believed To Be Accurate But Not Guaranteed!

A 10% Buyer’s Premium Will Be Applied To All Purchases!

Auction For:

Ned & The Late Gwen Foltz


Auction Conducted By:


Terms and Conditions: of Witman Auctioneers Inc. Each item for sale is sold AS-IS and WHERE IS with no guarantee whatsoever, and all sales are final.  We have made every attempt to describe each item as accurately as possible; however, although we do not believe so, there may be inaccuracies.  We expect all buyers to inspect each item personally and make their own judgment before bidding takes place.  Everything sold “AS IS, WHERE IS”, NO WARRANTIES, NO GUARANTEES.  Announcements by auctioneers take precedence over printed matter.  Buyer agrees, upon registration to bid to the terms and conditions of this auction. Terms:  Cash, Checks w/Bank Letter of Credit or Prior Approval from Auction Firm. ****Bank Letter of Guarantee Form**** (The following text is suggested, and should be on the Bank’s letterhead.)   Date: ________ Our bank, (bank’s name), irrevocably will guarantee any checks written to Witman Auctioneers Inc. for the purchase of items at the (name of particular auction) auction on (date of auction), by (you or your company name) from account number (fill in number) up to the total amount of (fill in $$ amount).   Sincerely, (Signature) (Bank officer’s name and title)   Most Credit Cards Accepted. A 15% Buyer’s Fee Will Apply to All Purchases – (Discounted to a 10% Buyer’s Fee for Cash or Approved Check!)

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