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 Witman Auctioneers is Pleased to Announce That 100% of Real Estate Property has been Sold in 2020-2023!

Witman Auctioneers is a second-generation run company that has been established in Manheim for many years. Native to Manheim, Witman Auctioneers was founded by Jay and his brother Luke. Witman Auctioneers has completed thousands of auctions totaling millions of dollars in sales but have not lost the “Personal Touch” that separates them from so many others. With the addition of Clarke (son of Luke), Zachary Shelley, and Keith Witman, Witman Auctioneers are poised and ready to serve every individual’s needs. To Witman Auctioneers, you, our customer, are not just another sale or another sign up, you are “Our Focus, Our Heartbeat, Our Livelihood!”

Note:  The Witman Auctioneers Team is currently booking auctions NOW and in the FUTURE. Call us for Competitive Pricing @ 717-665-5735. We are currently seeking estates/collections with the any of the following items: Antiques, Art (American and European), Automobiles (Modern and Antique), Books, Bottles, Ceramics, China, Coins, Glassware, Guns, Firearms, Folk Art, Folk Art Carvings, Furniture, Militaria, Red Ware, Stoneware, Textiles, and Toys. Choose the Auction Company that makes the most ‘CENTS’ for You!

Witman Auctioneers Offers –

  • Advertising/Marketing With over 40 years of experience, Witman Auctioneers has developed an aggressive and cost-effective plan of marketing, which includes extensive, nationwide advertising campaigns (including major trade papers, as well as local papers), as well as access to four different websites on the Internet. We also offer mailing lists that are specific towards auctiongoers as well as advanced collectors. Witman Auctioneers offers full color brochures, and, upon request, catalog auctions. Onsite signs will be provided to let all people passing by your Auction Site know about the upcoming auction.
  • Auction Preparation The Team of Witman Auctioneers prides itself of maximizing the top dollar for all items sold. We sort the items in such a manner that is beneficial to the seller, and will achieve the best price possible. Tables and showcases are provided free of charge! Items are displayed in a professional manner and treated with respect. Witman Auctioneers feel that “Proper Prior Planning, Prevents Poor Performance!”
  • Experienced Staff Our Staff is full of experience and prides itself in Customer Service. Having served the community for over 40 years and conducting thousands of auctions, Witman Auctioneers is committed to handling all auctions in a friendly and warm manner.
  • Guaranteed Check Coverage Witman Auctioneers takes all responsibility for All Checks (in-state and out-of-state) and will guarantee your funds.
  • Licensed Auctioneers Witman Auctioneers are a licensed and bonded Auction Service.
  • Real Estate Auctions Witman Auctioneers has been known for selling Real Estate at Auction. With a Success Rate over 95% for the past 40 years, Witman Auctioneers has proven to be the trusted name in selling Real Estate. There are many advantages to selling Real Estate through the method of Auction.
  • Realtor/Broker Participation Witman Auctioneers can offer realtor/broker participation on Real Estate sold at Auction. This avenue helps to open up your Real Estate to all potential buyers.

OUR STATEMENT: Witman Auctioneers, Inc. is a full-time auction service that is ready to handle everything from the large complex estates to the selling of a single item. We are committed to serving individual needs and providing a full service auction service. You, our customer, will receive our full attention and consideration during any and all business transactions regardless of the size or type of auction. We believe in Honesty, Integrity, and Trust. Our personal service we offer to all is second to none. Our Goal is to provide a first-class service that is customized to meet every individual’s needs. We know that often there is a factor of stress or anxiety associated with settling of an estate, parting ways with your childhood memories, or selling your favorite antiquity. Witman Auctioneers has the experience and trained staff to handle such personal matters in the most discrete and professional manner. We welcome you to contact us for assistance in planning and conducting a successful auction, which we know means a lot to you! We are committed to being your number one auction professionals.


  • Real Estate (Farms, Homes, Land)   
  • Commercial Property
  • Automotive (Current or Antique) 
  • Cars, Trucks, Parts
  • Heavy Equipment, Fleet Liquidation
  • Farm Tractors, Implements
  • Industrial Equipment & Property
  • Restaurant Equipment
  • Guns – Modern/Antique (Complete or Partial Collections)
  • Antiques, Collectibles
  • Artwork
  • Folk Art, Wood Carvings, Red Ware Pottery
  • Coins, Jewelry
  • Advertising, Signs (Complete or Partial Collections)
  • Furnishings


Real Estate

  • Commercial
  • Land
  • Farm  
  • Home


  • Antiques
  • Personal Property
  • Coins
  • Jewelry
  • Furnishings
  • Vehicles

Appraisals Done for the Following Purposes:

  • True Market Value
  • Insurance Purposes
  • Inheritance Purposes
  • Divorce Purposes

LIQUIDATIONS:  Contact WITMAN AUCTIONEERS INC. and we will make an on-location inspection of your inventory or merchandise. We will give you guidance and suggestions for a quick clearance or liquidation.

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